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YouTube Music will add this key function to avoid surprises in the battery of your mobile

And finally, Google has listened to its users: YouTube Music will soon have a sleep timer.

YouTube Music will add this key function to avoid surprises in the battery of your mobile

Time flies and it’s been a couple of years since Google completed the transfer of Play Music to YouTube Musicand although the new integrated service of streaming musical has been growing both in functionality and in users In all these months, it seems that some basic options were still to come.

In fact, it is that as our colleagues from Android Authorityit seems that Google was aware that YouTube Music was missing a sleep timer similar to what we already had on Play Music and we also enjoy on Spotify, Apple Music and other similar services, so very soon this key functionality will be available in the YouTube Music apps.

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Google continues to make the most of YouTube Music, the only competitor in the streaming musical with integrated videos and thousands of collaborations and rarities.

Surely to many it seems like a trifle in a service of streaming music, whose main focus should be on the quality of the audio, but the truth is that YouTube Music is much more than a service on-line to listen to musicoffering us integration with YouTube to be able to ‘watch’ our favorite music at any time, even when we go to sleep.

It is here where enters the need for a sleep timer that Google Play Music did haveand it is that this option allows you to configure the playback for a certain time and that the app itself suspends automatically, avoiding battery drains and turning off the device in a 100% automated way after those minutes.

Users had been calling for it since the fall of Google Play Music, and two years later it is confirmed that YouTube Music will finally have an ideal sleep timer for those of us who listen to music before falling asleep.

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The option of course it is still in development and not implemented at least in the stable versions of YouTube Music, although in the teardowns of the APKs already you can see strings of code referencing this shutdown timer so requested.

Even the sources told us that Google will show the remaining time in the interface, as well as some quick access buttons that will allow us to with only one ‘click’ add 5 more minutes at playback time or cancel the timer In a direct way.

this is without one of the key options that users had requested the most from Googleso we can only thank the Mountain View giant for continuing to listen to its users to implement new features in services as important as YouTube Musicwhich needs to grow and become bigger in the face of options like Spotify.

We will have to stay tuned to see when the improvement is implemented, and as always, here in Andro4all we will notify you so that you are informed first hand and before anyone else… Be patient!

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