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Xiaomi’s CyberDog is just around the corner


Xiaomi already commercially teaches the Cyberdog in India, so it could very soon begin to be sold in its first markets.

It’s been almost a year since the Xiaomi CyberDog walks around showing the future wherever Lei Jun and his people take him, although the truth is that Nobody has put a price or release date on Haidian’s quadruped robot so that those who find some use to its functionalities can acquire its unit and put it at the service of industries or people.

However, as our classmates told us GizmoChinawe could be very close to the commercial release of the CyberDogwhich is already shown in India at Xiaomi’s eighth anniversary events in its markets, showing the benefits of a design similar to that of Boston Dynamics although in the case of Xiaomi surely much cheaper.

Xiaomi Cyber ​​Dog

This is the CyberDog, the robotic dog with dozens of sensors and cameras that has exported its technology to the Xiaomi 12.

Hopefully none of you go spend the summer in Indiaalthough in the event that you are among those lucky ones who are going to enjoy Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or Ahmedabadyou should know that you can admire the Xiaomi CyberDog at Mi Home outlets spread over those five Indian cities.

Xiaomi could finally be paving the way for a commercial application of the CyberDog, which is already being shown in its stores in India while some media close to the Haidian giant claim that availability and prices will be announced very soon.

What is CyberDog, Xiaomi’s robotic dog, for?

The truth is Xiaomi’s robotic dog has raised a lot of expectationsfirst because has exported technology from its vision cameras to the best mobiles from its catalogue, and second because its open source applications could provide endless developments whose limit is the imagination of engineers.

Not in vain, in the robotics segment these quadrupeds have gained weight because they are a promising research areabeing able to turn these robots into fast guards inside a production plant, into tool carriers, into support systems for rescue teams in complicated areas or even in assistants for dangerous tasks such as checking nuclear reactors, pipes or even hydrocarbon deposits, among many other applications.

In the case of the Xiaomi device, we are talking about a Jetson Xavier NX AI supercomputer accompanied by a 128 GB SSD storage disk, in addition to 11 high-precision sensors, three-dimensional vision cameras and a whole host of servo motors that allow it to move with agility, mapping its surroundings and navigating the terrain without much hassle.

Xiaomi’s Cyberdog in India, photo gallery

Xiaomi's CyberDog is just around the corner

Its versatility, according to Xiaomi, extends to more frivolous tasks such as run at a speed of 11.52 km/hperform complicated movements such as back flips and even accompany us on our walks or take our shopping bags with usalthough surely whoever has enough money to acquire one will find better uses for it.

The CyberDog robot also has advanced imaging technology with interactive sensors using AI, the aforementioned ultra-wide-angle binocular cameras and an Intel Depth module that allows you to accurately map your surroundings by knowing distances and nearby obstacles. Also, your supercomputer can be trained using computer vision algorithmsso the power is very high even when programming it to find people in the mountains or similar situations.

In fact, it is already standard incorporates autonomous object tracking, facial recognition, obstacle avoidance and much more in real time, creating maps as you move and safely plotting your destination.

They have said Xiaomi from India that developers will be able to customize it using the built-in USB and HDMI portsthanks to the open source software it incorporates, but what they have not reported for now is if we can buy it soon whether in China, India or international markets… We will have to keep waiting!

From the dog-robot to the mobile: this is how Xiaomi has exported the impressive autofocus of the CyberDog to the Xiaomi 12

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