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Xiaomi will start manufacturing mobile phones in Samsung’s mecca


Xiaomi wants to diversify the production of its devices to alleviate supply chain problems, and has chosen a Vietnam conquered by Samsung to install its new factories.

After introducing us to their new Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro and the giant Xiaomi 12S Ultra as their new spearheads, it seems that Haidian manufacturer is now focused on improving its production capacity diversifying smartphone assembly factories to more countries in the world.

In fact, according to what our colleagues from GizmoChinain Xiaomi they have chosen accompany Samsung and other electronics giants in Vietnamin order to export in better conditions and in the shortest possible time to other markets in Southeast Asia.

Xiaomi Factory

This is how smartphones are tested in a Xiaomi factory.

Reports say that the main Asian markets are experiencing growth economic and population as they stretch after the last confinements, so this movement of Xiaomi would respond to the increase in demand both in Vietnam itself and in Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

Also, the feeling is go play on a field where Samsung dominatedwith its huge Thai Nguyen factory that accounts for the largest percentage of all South Korean device production, it seems that he puts Lei Jun and his managers now that Xiaomi wants to be a giant at all levels.

The pandemic and the breakdown of global logistics chains have opened Xiaomi’s eyes, which will diversify the production of its devices, now taking part of the assembly of smartphones and plates to Samsung territory, to Vietnam.

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The travel companion that Xiaomi has chosen for this adventure in Vietnam is DBG Technologybased in Hong Kong, which will be in charge of production in a plant of around 200,000 square meters with an investment of approximately 80 million dollars.

So that, Xiaomi will start building devices in India, China and Vietnam in response to the breakdown of supply chains due to the pandemic and the need to further diversify its manufacturingalso taking to its new plants in Vietnam the production of boards and integrated circuits as well as data transmission equipment.

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