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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 at the price of Mi Band 6: only 12 hours to take advantage of this coveted bargain

AliExpress just pulverized the price of Xiaomi’s latest smart bracelet: it’s now or never.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 at the price of Mi Band 6: only 12 hours to take advantage of this coveted bargain

There are barely a few hours left for the campaign to Back to school of aliexpress square comes to an end, so it is worth going through the e-commerce to rush the latest discounts.

In that sense, it is impossible to ignore the brutal price drop of the recently released Xiaomi Smart Band 7a smart bracelet called to colonize the wrists of half the world throughout this 2022 and that currently has a limited discount of 40%. The 59.99 euros of its launch price become ridiculous €34.11 by the work and grace of a special discount codewhich we leave you below.

Please note that this minimum amount is available in the Chinese version of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, something that will only affect the box and the initial language, which you can change as soon as you link it with your mobile. If for whatever reason it gives you “juyu” think that you can also buy the global version by about 38 eurosa price too very attractive.

In addition, being an offer of aliexpress square the bracelet will be sent from Spain so you will have it at home in a few days without shipping costs or customs fees and with fifteen days of free returns.

Xiaomi SmartBand 7

Buy the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in AliExpress Plaza at a minimum price

Xiaomi SmartBand 7

34 euros for the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and shipping from Spain. nothing more to add

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 comes loaded with sales arguments, which weigh more if possible thanks to AliExpress’s price drop. We have one 1.62-inch AMOLED screen 25% larger than the previous Mi Band, more than 110 sports modestotal resistance to water, battery for two weeks…

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For less than 40 euros it is a purchase totally recommended which can only be faulted in the event that you already have a Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (if so, it may not be worth taking the leap). For the rest, we are facing the smartband par excellence, a device with a unbeatable value for money With which you will be able to measure absolutely everything, because the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 can continuously monitor your pulse and blood oxygen, monitor stress levels and the menstrual cycle or, among many other functions, measure the quality of our sleep.

Needless to say, it is also a ideal gadget for athletesbecause it gives you the possibility of registering a hundred sports activities with a very good accuracy: you will know how many calories you have burned and where the intensity peaks of the training have been.

Xiaomi SmartBand 7

You have doubts? drop by him review of this Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and clear them. You will see that it is the undisputed queen of her segment, even more so if we take into account the spectacular AliExpress sale.

Whether you have a Mi Band 4 or a Mi Band 5 and feel that they fall short, or if you have never tried one of these devices, please 34 or 38 euros It is a purchase you will not regret.

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