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Xiaomi gets on the bandwagon of the metaverse and the blockhain

Xiaomi prepares its entrance to the metaverse with virtual characters or pets that will be “genetically” unique, developed with blockchain technology and that we can care for, dress and train in the purest Pokémon style.

Xiaomi gets on the bandwagon of the metaverse and the blockhain

With Xiaomi about to present his great project for this decade, which is none other than his first electric carit seems that the Haidian giant wants to continue diversifying its ways of doing business, looking now to get into this blockchain and the metaverse that for many still sound like Mandarin Chinese.

It will not be the first manufacturer to try it, as we have already seen how HTC was preparing smartphones focused on the metaverseand in fact it is We do not know how Xiaomi considers its entry into these new marketsbut since Xiaomiui New related patents are already ahead of us.

Xiaomi will enter the metaverse

Xiaomi wants to be everywhere, and is already studying its entry into the ‘metaverse’.

Apparently, nothing yet about hardware or devices on the exit ramp that are specifically designed for the metaverse or the blockchainbut Xiaomi will focus to start in these virtual worlds with a series of software developments related to virtual characterspets or avatars that are already working on in Lei Jun’s company.

Xiaomi’s new virtual characters or pets will be based on ‘blockchain’ technology, they will be very simple to create and will have unique “genetic” sequences to be absolutely different from each other.

Xiaomi patent for the metaverse

This is how the patent registered by Xiaomi says, referring to these “virtual characters”.

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The truth is Xiaomi has already made its first steps in the past with the Crypto Rabbitswhich were withdrawn on March 1, 2022 and whose functionality remained in being a kind of virtual pets with an encrypted and unique structurethat no one could copy, reproduce or modify once our rabbit has been created.

In this case, we talk about more complex virtual characterswith which we can play in a similar way to Pokémon having to take care of them and train them, being able to feed them at our discretion, put clothes on them or equip them with accessories and skills most colorful.

According to the details that have emerged in China, it seems that the character creation method will be very simplesince it will suffice to provide certain parameters of the image and other aspects to create this virtual character with its unique “genetic” sequence.

We don’t know much more than this, but we all these virtual characters or pets will be different from each other as if they were living beings, powered from their base by technology blockchain Y surely serving as entertainment for users of Xiaomi mobiles, with the potential even to provide a part “living” to the smart mobile assistant.

Obviously For now it’s all speculation and it will be months or years before we see something like that, but Xiaomi is also taking small steps to enter the metaverse… Interesting!

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