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With this Google calendar trick you will not miss any event

This Google Calendar feature will allow you to customize event reminders.

With this Google calendar trick you will not miss any event

One of the applications of Google which comes pre-installed in the vast majority of android phones of the market and that you surely use the most in your day to day is the Google calendar, since it allows you to keep track of your daily agenda and organize your personal and work tasks.

But Google Calendar hides a wide variety of options that can be very usefulthat’s why over the last few weeks we’ve been revealing some of its most interesting tricks and so, after recently telling you how you can use to help you meet all your goalsthis time I come to discover a simple Google calendar trick thanks to which you will not miss any event.

Google calendar with dark theme

Google calendar on an Android smartphone.

So you can create automatic reminders for your events in Google Calendar

Today I want to show you a really simple Google calendar trick with which you can set automatic reminders for your events and so you don’t miss any.

By default, Google Calendar will send you a notification 30 minutes before the time you have set for an eventbut since you will probably need more advance notice, if you want customize reminders for a specific event You just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the Google calendar app on your Android mobile
  • Select the event you want to modify
  • touch the button Edit that appears characterized by the icon of a pencil and that is located in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down and tap on the option add notification
  • Choose one of the available options or create your own by clicking on the button Personalizeconfiguring the parameters and clicking on Done
  • Finally, touch the button Save that appears at the top right of the app
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Once this is done, Google calendar will take care of sending you a notification to your mobile device at each schedule that you have previously indicated so that you can schedule important events in advance.

How to share a google calendar with someone

If you usually use Google Calendar regularly and want to know more tricks of the Google app, we recommend that you take a look at our guide with the best tricks to get the most out of Google Calendar.

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