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Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera: Keep Your Home (and Your Pocket) Protected

Amazon WiFi cameras are good, but this one takes the cake.

Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera: Keep Your Home (and Your Pocket) Protected

Summer is coming to an end, but there are many who take vacation in september. For them and for everyone, this wifi surveillance camera it can leave you much calmer, whether you go away on a trip or at night. It is a camera that goes with a battery, has a crazy autonomy and can be recharged even with sunlight.

Amazon has plenty of WiFi cameras under their belt, but this is one of them. the most advanced and versatile from your catalog. We can also use it as a camera to use connected to the current, of course, but the grace is in being able to place it in the middle of the garden without the need to connect it to a socket. Today it has a great price that is reduced to 99.99 79.99 euros on Amazon.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Buy a good wireless surveillance camera

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

This camera can be powered by battery, sunlight and mains power

This is a camera designed for place it where you want and you wish, which could be inside the house or outside. It is resistant to weather, rain, wind and dust. Their measurements are 11.7 x 6 x 6 cm and stands on its rotating base. This wireless camera works with technology Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz band only, like many others of Xiaomi and Yi.

Its lens is capable of recording and broadcast live images in 1080p with two-way communication, that is, integrates microphone and speaker to be able to speak from the mobile with the person that we have near the camera. Its night vision is accurate and it has advanced motion detection. It is not a camera that allows you to insert a micro SD to record images, you could see all the images live, but if you want to record content you need a subscription to the Amazon cloud, something that gives us a unlimited camera replacement warranty and the security of having the images recorded in case of intrusion.

Keep your home safe and poop free for very little.

In addition to the battery, you have the possibility of plug it in from home, or buy solar panel apart so I can recharge your battery during the day. And listen to me, the battery that integrates does not need so much support either, because its duration is almost 2 months of continuous and 24 hours operation.

1080p ring camera images

This is how good full color images look with the Ring camera

One of the differences with the Xiaomi detection recording system is that in these Ring cameras the movement will be recorded until it stops detecting it. Therefore, we will not have that Xiaomi limitation that only allows you to record clips of 6-10 seconds when it detects a movement. The image quality is superb, especially if your connection has more than 2 MB of stable upload. On some models (this one without cables does not) Ring has color night visionsomething that has impressed us as soon as we saw it and tried it.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

the system Ring Protect subscription It is, compared to the competition of other security companies that continually advertise on TV or Xiaomi itself, more affordable. We have 2 modes: the Basic with which we will pay only 3 euros/month or 30 euros/yearand the Plus where we will pay 10 euros/month or 100 euros/year. In both cases we have guaranteed notifications, 2-year warranty to replace cameras no reason, video history 30 days, share videos and take screenshots.

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