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Why it is not crazy that we see a Samsung Galaxy A folding and cheap

Samsung cannot miss this opportunity, since the evolution of the Galaxy Z shows that a democratization would be logical and Apple has not even reached the folding ones.

Why it is not crazy that we see a Samsung Galaxy A folding and cheap

The Samsung’s fourth Galaxy Z iteration is already with us officially, with these the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 already converted into the folding references on the market for this 2022 courseand by extension in the great attractions of the Samsung catalog always with the permission of the now eclipsed Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In fact, it is that at this point there is no longer any doubt that It is Samsung who has bet the most and bets on this type of deviceespecially considering that its great rival, Apple, has not even reached the foldables waiting for more mature technology and more defined needs that allow them to maintain the usual Cupertino strategy, which would be something like “it does not matter to arrive later, as long as it is done very well to give the feeling of a reinvention”.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the world’s best-selling flip phone.

By then, when Apple introduces us to a cutting-edge foldable iPhone premium the logical thing is that Samsung is already preparing the landing of its most affordable Galaxy Zespecially considering the huge evolution that they have achieved in these four years both in the technological part and in the materials and durability, all this in addition to a constant democratization of prices who have already converted Galaxy ZFlip3 in the world’s best-selling folding mobile.

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That is why seeing one more iteration has brought us to our heads the possibility in the medium term of seeing a Galaxy A -or Galaxy ZA- folding and very affordablesomething that the classmates had talked about in the past SamMobile referencing South Korean sources who spoke of a folding below 800 dollars already in 2024 that would initiate the deployment of this type of mobile by the middle ranges.

Not everyone needs a ‘flagship’ and not many are willing to pay what it costs, so seeing the evolution of the Galaxy Z and that Apple has not even landed in this market, there is no doubt that very soon we will see folding phones from Samsung mid-range and much more affordable.

Samsung’s plan to overtake Apple: absolute priority to folding phones?

Obviously it is early to talk about it, because we already know that two years in this industry is too longalthough no one should doubt that the future of mobiles is foldable and that sooner or later we will see them dominating the catalog in all ranges and at all prices.

Not in vain, from those unaffordable more than 2,000 euros of the original Galaxy Foldwhich seemed more like a prototype, we are now around 1,600 euros for the Fold and 900 euros for the Flip, prices that begin to fit for the different types of recipients to which these mobiles are directed, taking into account a hardware section among the best on the market.

In fact, it is logical that Samsung has again chosen to implement the best components in both modelseach with their perspective and only leaving concessions to mobile photography, something that OPPO with its Find N and vivo with its X Fold have already improved, suggesting that their strategy is different and they are clear about who their Galaxy Z is targeting fourth generation.

Samsung already has worthy rivals with OPPO and its interesting Find N, or even vivo and the superlative photography of its X Fold, but it seems that the idea of ​​the Galaxy Z is still to improve iteratively without implying an increase in costs.

It also seems therefore a logical evolution continue to bring to the Galaxy Z improvements that do not imply an increase in coststhinking of more restrained hardware and more affordable prices that would surely be attractive and would be in line with what the market expects and Samsung fans in the medium term.

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With all this we do not think nothing unreasonable to expect a folding Galaxy A by the end of next year or already in 2024 as they informed us from South Korea, but without a doubt today Everything indicates that folding mobiles will be democratized very soon and we will begin to see them much more with more formats, prices and ranges to reach everyone… The imagination is the limit!

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