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Whether you like it or not, the ads are coming to Netflix. Although there is a positive side


One of the bosses of Netflix has confirmed what many feared: the announcements within the platform will be a reality sooner or later.

Get ready to welcome ads on netflix. Own Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO of the companyhas confirmed that a new subscription modality will begin to be tested with ads included.

But not everything is bad: as Sarandos himself has confirmed, one of the “advantages” of this type of subscription is that it will be cheaper than the rest.

The measure comes with the idea of reverse the great loss of users suffered by Netflix over the last few months, and as a complement to the decision to to finish, little by little, with the shared accounts.


Ads on Netflix could be a reality after all…

Ads on Netflix in exchange for paying less

According to Sarandos, Netflix has concluded that there is a type of users for which the company still does not offer a solution: the one to whom the Netflix subscription fee is too expensive for youbut not against view ads if that means being able to pay less.

And, although the CEO of the company, Reed Hastings, has assured on more than one occasion not be a fan of advertising due to its complexity, it does intend open the doors to a greater number of users and offer more variety of different subscription plans, aimed at different types of users.

The loss of more than 200000 subscribers during the first three months of this year and the consequent 70% drop in share value These are probably two factors that have influenced this decision. That, added to the fact that other platforms of streaming such as HBO Max and, soon, Disney +, have already joined the trend of offer cheaper plans with advertising in their respective services.

At the moment, there is no data on the price of the plan with Netflix ads, nor is it clear when it will be available, nor if it will reach all countries from the beginning. We will know news about it over the weeks.

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