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What is safe mode on Android: so you can activate and deactivate it


We explain what the safe mode of your Android mobile is for, a very useful tool. In addition, we see how to activate it and how to easily deactivate it.

In this guide we explain what is android safe mode, how to activate it and how to deactivate it. You may not know what this feature is, or you may have discovered it by inadvertently enabling it. Be that as it may, safe mode is a very useful tool that can become a lifesaver when your mobile doesn’t work properly.

This is one of best android trickssince it is used for fix problems causing third-party apps and even dangerous files that you have unintentionally downloaded. If you still don’t know what Android’s safe mode is, we invite you to continue reading to master your mobile phone a little more and, above all, discover a very interesting security measure.

What is Android safe mode

What is safe mode on Android: so you can activate and deactivate it

Safe mode is an unknown but useful feature of Android.

Android safe mode is a tool that limits the operation of the mobile phone to a minimum. In fact, it blocks all connectivity, activates airplane mode and only allows us run those factory installed apps on the device. In this way, when you enable it, you will see that the apps that you had installed appear as turned off, you cannot use them.

This is very positive, especially when some third party application is causing the mobile to not work properly. If there is an app that is causing problems or a malicious file that you have downloaded, it is best that you activate this safe mode on your Android. Thus, the application or file in question will not be able to run normally, so you will be able to access the problem and root it out.

Basically, what safe mode allows you is uninstall an app or delete a file that, with the mobile working normally, it would not be possible. By the way, this safe mode is not permanent, you can easily disable it by following the process that we will explain in the corresponding section.

Ultimately, safe mode is a protection measure offered by Android to be able to eliminate those threats that prevent the mobile from working normally. Let’s see how you can activate it.

How to activate safe mode

Turning on Android safe mode is something you can do via two different procedures, all of them very simple and fast. This is the first:

  1. keep pressed the on/off button for a few seconds.
  2. In the options menu that appears, press for a few seconds on the “Power off” button.
  3. This will bring up a new window called “Restart in safe mode”, click on “To accept”.
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If this method does not work for you, you can opt for this other one:

  1. Reboot the smartphone.
  2. While the startup animation appears, press and hold the volume down button for a few seconds. In this way, the safe mode will already be activated when you have to enter the PIN.

Depending on the terminal you have, one or another method may work for you to activate safe mode. As you can see, just press a few buttons to access this mode in a matter of seconds. Then, you will only have to eliminate those apps that you think are causing the problems so that, when you deactivate safe mode, everything works correctly again.

How to disable safe mode

What is safe mode on Android: so you can activate and deactivate it

Turn on safe mode to remove conflicting apps.

To disable Android safe mode, all you have to do is restart your mobile phone. Exactly, press the power button again for a few seconds and, in the options menu, tap on “Restart”. When the smartphone is turned on again, safe mode will no longer be available.

Knowing this procedure is very useful, because it is more than possible that you activate this safe mode of Android without intending it occasionally. In fact, you might find out that it exists by accidentally enabling it. You know, just by restarting the phone, it will return to normal and you will see how, now yes, you can use all installed apps.

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