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Twitter already allows you to edit tweets… but you will have to pay for it

At last! It is now possible to edit published tweets without having to delete them

Twitter already allows you to edit tweets... but you will have to pay for it

own Twitter had already confirmed to be working on a function to allow editing tweets already publishedthus satisfying the request of thousands of users of the social network, who for years have waited for the arrival of a similar tool.

Now, the development of the function to edit tweets seems to be already quite advanced. So much so, that the company has confirmed that it has started try this toolin addition to ensuring that its implementation in the social network will take place this September, which has just begun.

But not everything is good news. As confirmed by the company itself, the editing of tweets will be an exclusive function of the subscribers of Twitter Blue. Or, what is the same: you will have to pay to be able to edit your already sent tweets.

The Twitter Icon

The icon of Twitter, one of the most famous social networks in the world.

The edition of tweets will be within the subscription to Twitter Blue

Through a tweet published on his official profile, Twitter has confirmed it has started testing tweet editing. At the moment, only some Twitter Blue subscribers have access to this feature, although it should begin to reach more people as the days go by.

As has been known, Twitter will only allow you to edit the same tweet multiple times during a 30-minute period. after they have been published. Each edited tweet will be accompanied by an icon and a timestamp that will allow other users to know if any type of modification has been made. Also, it will be possible to see a history of the tweet with all the modifications made.

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Testing has begun in Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the countries where Twitter Blue is available. Twitter users in other regions of the world will have to wait.

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