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This would be the master move of OnePlus to imitate the success of Xiaomi and Redmi


According to rumours, it seems that OnePlus could repeat Xiaomi’s move with Redmi and turn its Nord family into a new affordable mobile brand.

After making your merger with OPPOit seems that at OnePlus are still immersed in a restructuring which will lead them to become one of the major players in the industrytaking advantage of the synergies of OPPO and all the power of a great manufacturer.

In fact, it is that OnePlus already surprised in the past forgetting his heritage flagship killer for introduce us to a large family of mid-cut and affordable Android terminalswhose last members have been the OnePlus Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 Lite just a few weeks ago.

OnePlus Nord Invitation

The invitation to the presentation of the first OnePlus Nord in 2020.

And now, as told The Mobile Indian exclusively, it seems that the Shenzhen firm is considering boost your midcut much more seriously to continue growing in sales volume, for which they would copy the strategy of famous rivals such as Xiaomi creating a sub-brand from Nord.

It is notable that OnePlus has launched more and more affordable handsets for its Nord family, which according to Indian media would soon become an independent sub-brand under the moniker ‘Nord by OnePlus’.

The OnePlus Nord is updated to Android 12 with OxygenOS 12

The idea does not seem so strange if we look at OPPO that already has realmea i live with iQoo oa Xiaomi with Redmi and Pocoso undoubtedly the appearance of ‘Nord by OnePlus’ wouldn’t be surprised too much in a market that tends to increasingly differentiate the affordable cut to give ground to smartphones more premium.

Not in vain, higher category mobiles have higher profit margins and lay their foundations in a photograph out of market in price and benefits, so expand the presence of best-selling families seems almost logical.

Be that as it may, what we know is that OnePlus would not disappear entirely from the branding by Nordwhich would leave room for that tagline ‘by OnePlus’ either ‘a brand of OnePlus’ to give a little packaging to this new sub-brand.

They tell us that ‘Nord by OnePlus’ would use blue as a corporate color, would have a physical presence in stores and supermarkets and would have a variety of products in its catalog with smartphones, smart watches and bracelets, headphones, televisions and much more.

It looks like, light blue would be used as the corporate color and the full weight of their sales would not be given to the channels on-linewith its own stores and dedicated showrooms, as well as agreements with retailers and large surfaces to help them enhance and improve a recently created brand image, but already known to most.

And yes friends, ‘Nord by OnePlus’ I would go very seriously in the market with smartphones, wearablestelevisions and even smaller accessories like power banks or headphones for create a robust and appealing product catalog at very attractive prices.

It is clear then that OnePlus’s strategy is to take hold I don’t eat anymore flagship killerotherwise as a mobile creator flagship with the best technology, possibly leaving it to Nord exclusively to attack the most affordable segments with products that can compete face to face with those of Redmi, Poco and realmeespecially… Do you think the move is right?

OnePlus makes “Nord” official, its new series of cheap mobiles

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