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This trick for Samsung phones automatically raises the brightness when you’re watching videos


Samsung includes in One UI an option called ‘Video Brightness’ that allows us to unleash the full potential of AMOLED, which will offer higher brightness peaks and more vivid colors while playing multimedia content.

Samsung already works with One UI 5 based on Android 13 while we still explore the small details of one of the most complete customizations on Android and recognizable in the market, in which we continue to find new tricks and most useful options like this functionality “Video Brightness” that we now present to you.

And it is that indeed the giant based in Suwon could boast in turn of the best AMOLED screens in the entire industryso it was logical that new software improvements were developed for their devices that allow us to achieve the most incredible viewing and multimedia experience of the entire Android catalog.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in hand

The spectacular Dynamic AMOLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Thus, Samsung has chosen to create within the “Advanced Features” by OneUIa new option called “Video Brightness” in Spanish and that allows us Temporarily increase screen brightness to make colors more vibrant as possible during video playback.

How to activate this option It’s as simple as going to the “Settings > Advanced features” and search “Video Brightness”being able select between mode “Normal” and one “Bright” that will activate the improvements automatically in certain applications that we can select to taste:

Brightness enhancement on Samsung

This is how Samsung’s option that improves brightness by playing videos is shown in One UI.

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As our colleagues told us SamMobilethe option not available for all Samsung phonesunfortunately, because the most basic and economical ones do not have a functionality obviously limited by hardware and technology of the screen in question.

In any case, it serves get the most out of Dynamic AMOLED from Samsung, which although they are already the best on the market for industry experts, do not deploy their full potential all the time to protect them and prevent them from burning.

One UI’s ‘Video Brightness’ option will allow us to deploy the full power of Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED panels, although only for a limited time when we need it most, consuming multimedia content, but preserving and protecting the screen the rest of the time for prevent it from burning.

With the activation of “Video Brightness” what we will get is remove these peaks from the panel nits next to the brightest and most vivid colors only in the moments when we need them most, while we consume multimedia content, but as we said only for a limited time and protecting the screen the rest of the time.

It is something like an evolution of that “Video Enhancer” from previous versions of One UIwith the advantage in this case that we will be able to select the apps on which the improvement will be applied in the case of only wanting, for example, to activate it on Netflix or HBO, but not on YouTube or other multimedia applications.

Undoubtedly an interesting option and one that is appreciated for Samsung users we can choose at all times how to use the potential of our mobiles no surprises, no boasts and with the durability of the components at the center of the experience.

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