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This super-selling Xiaomi Mi Band has a price of 27 euros for a limited time

The most successful smartband of all time collapses.

This super-selling Xiaomi Mi Band has a price of 27 euros for a limited time

Today we came across this offer that we haven’t seen for a long time at AliExpress Plaza. And it is that the Xiaomi MiBand 6 has dropped in price to 27 euros with the coupon 6IC3 applied in the basket. It is one of top rated smartbands of all that the Chinese manufacturer has launched since its inception.

If you need to have control of your heart rate, the steps you take or the distance traveled each day and make assessments with each of the data, this Mi Band 6 is a great purchase for this price. Although it is already among us My SmartBand 7 Xiaomi, its price is still somewhat prohibitive and the changes do not justify that higher outlay.

Xiaomi MiBand 6

Buy the Mi Band 6 for 27 euros

Mi Band 6 Xiaomi

The Mi Band 6 is one of Xiaomi’s most popular products.

Yes we compare models 6 and 7 We will not see too many changes to go for the new version. First of all, we have a device with 1.56 inch Amoled screen and high resolution. Looks great in daylight (450 nits maximum) and that is difficult to see in many other gadgets. It is a very comfortable wearable, you will not feel that you are wearing it in a matter of minutes because it only weighs 12.8 grams no leash It is a device resistant to immersions of up to 50 meters deep and its screen has an anti-fingerprint coating on the tempered glass.

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The battery of this Mi Band 6 will give us a autonomy of about 14 days after a magnetic charge of approximately 2 hours. It could last us many more days if we make basic use of the smartband, simply as a watch. We have 30 sports modes pre-installed as running, walking, jogging, boxing, Zumba or volleyball, among many others. During these activities we can monitor heart rate data. And after her we can do breathing exercises to control is stress and relax our rhythm. In the same way, we will be able to see every morning how we slepthow many hours of REM phase and see the evolution over time in a graph.

I have had the Mi Band 1, 3 and 6, and I am delighted with them.

We have other interesting functions in this Mi Band 6 that could decide you for its purchase: SMS notification and messaging apps, calendar, alarms, clock, stopwatch, timercontrol the music that plays on your mobile, unlock the phone without using your fingerprint or face, see the weather forecast or use your screen as shutter for your mobile camera.

Xiaomi MiBand 6

For less than 30 euros we do not have many models that do everything that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 does. Perhaps some others like the Amazfit Band 5 or the OPPO Band Sport, but none of them have the baggage that Xiaomi accumulates in this segment. experience is a degree and Xiaomi has a long way to go.

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