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This Samsung accessory that plummets its price is essential for your new mobile

If you have bought a new Samsung mobile, you already know that it comes without an essential accessory such as the charger. Fortunately, it can be yours for only 13.99 euros.

This Samsung accessory that plummets its price is essential for your new mobile

The most controversial decision adopted by Samsung in recent years has been dispense with chargers in the “packaging” of their new mobiles. If you buy a samsung smartphone, you must use a charger that you already have at home or buy one separately. Fortunately, the samsung 25w charger features a spectacular discount on amazonit can be yours for just €13.99.

This does not prevent it from being a nuisance having to buy the charger separately, since it means having to invest even more money when before we were accustomed to it being included in the box selling. However, you should keep in mind that it could be even worse, as this Samsung 25W charger has a recommended retail price of 24.90 euros. Take advantage of the 44% discount to buy it much cheaper and, now yes, take advantage of the fast charge of your new mobile.

Samsung 25W charger

Buy the cheapest 25W Samsung charger

This Samsung accessory that plummets its price is essential for your new mobile

The purchase of the 25W charger is essential if you buy a new Samsung mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 were the first Samsung phones to come without a charger, But are not the only ones. Unfortunately, the firm has opted for apply this strategy with other models of both the middle range like the low end. For example, him Samsung Galaxy A53 5G It is another mobile that comes without a charger. In addition, in the month of March we learned that Samsung’s new cheap phones would not come with a charger either.

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This leaves us with a clear situation: if you buy a new mobile created by Samsung, you will not find the corresponding charger in the box. At a minimum, these smartphones have fast charging of 15W, although the most common in the firm are 25 watts of power If you have a charger with these characteristics at home, you will not have a problem, you can use that one.

Get the Samsung 25W charger to take advantage of the maximum fast charge of your new Samsung mobile.

Nevertheless, problems appear when you don’t have a charger of the same power. In this case, you will be forced to buy the charger separately. The best thing is that you get the Samsung 25W charger, that way you will make sure that you will enjoy the maximum speed on the load. Of course also safety is important in the process, and this official brand charger offers it to you.

Remember that the Samsung 25W charger has an original price of 24.90 euros, but that right now it falls to 13.99 euros in amazon. If you have gotten hold of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, you will need another charger, as this one supports 45W fast charging. In this case, the Samsung 45W charger also on sale for €34.90.

Samsung 25W charger

Whether you have a mobile with a 25W or 45W charge, the most important thing is that you use a charger with the same power so that charging time is as short as possible.

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