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This JBL bluetooth speaker has sneaked into Amazon’s Echo Dot as one of the best sellers

It has a spectacular sound for its small size and resistance like few others.

This JBL bluetooth speaker has sneaked into Amazon's Echo Dot as one of the best sellers

looking for a bluetooth speaker good, pretty and cheap? And if I also tell you that it works for the summer Being very resistant and waterproof, what do you think? well the JBL Go 3 meets all your demands and only costs 39.99 28 euros today on Amazon. The most striking thing is that it has been among the best-selling speakers since the prime-day until today.

JBL is a firm specialized in high-quality sound, in powerful and forceful speakers, and in portable devices like this one with autonomy beyond any doubt. Many of your bluetooth speakers are always placed among the best sellersand now this has razed your stock recently and rightly so. He is a loudspeaker than to me it has changed my mornings. I have another energy having breakfast with music put on it.

JBL Go 3

Buy a JBL speaker for only 28 euros

best selling amazon speakers

After Prime Day, this JBL speaker has been among the most purchased on Amazon

If right now I had to buy a bluetooth speaker for an emergency, to endure the summer (and many other summers), for a barbecue at home with friends or to take me to the beach or pool, this JBL Go 3 would be my first choice. It has a great resistance, with IP67 certified withstands dust and water, you can even submerge it up to 1 meter deep and absolutely nothing will happen. All ports and buttons are sealed with insulating rubber, and the entire speaker covered with a resistant mesh.

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This speaker has a very efficient battery. can hold up to 5 hours of continuous music playback with a single charge. Furthermore, through his USB-C port, we can load it in a very short time to be able to continue enjoying a few more hours. Because of its size you don’t expect it to sound as loud and clear as it does, but we couldn’t expect anything different from JBL. It works with technology Bluetooth 5.1 and have one 4.2W RMS output powerquite well considering its diminutive size.

For a summer night it is a great ally to play your favorite music outdoors.

As to your keypad, we have a button to turn on/off, another to put the speaker in pairing mode, and in the upper part we can play/pause songs and raise/lower the volume. These top buttons remind me of the same ones that the Echo mounts and Echo Dot 4 from Amazon, they have the same feel.

JBL Go 3

The JBL Go 3 is one of the smallest and most powerful speakers JBL has ever made.

On one side, the loudspeaker has a rope closed as a fastening to be able to carry it with a finger or attach a carabiner to it to carry it on a backpack buckle when we go hiking and want to have background music.

JBL Go 3

This speaker is sold in a wide variety of colors, but the offer that we present to you today is only for the black model. However, you can also get the unit of pink colour by 27 euros and of Red color in just under 29 euros. Regardless of the color, it’s a great opportunity.

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