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This is the only keyboard app that has made me stop using Gboard


AnySoft Keyboard is a keyboard for Android that respects your privacy and has a lot of really useful features.

When we talk about keyboard apps for androidthe great dominator in this segment is, without a doubt, gboardthe keyboard of Googlethanks above all to that it is coming pre-installed on the vast majority of Android phones today and also to its great ability to predict and to the large number of customization functions it has.

But, precisely, to be able to predict so well what we want to write, Gboard collects our data, which are hosted on Google servers and then they will be used to send us personalized advertising.


AnySoftKeyboard, the keyboard app that has replaced Gboard.

For this reason, for some time now I have been looking for a keyboard application that respects my privacy, but without losing its functions and after trying several alternatives, I can safely say that the only keyboard app for Android that meets all these premises is, without a doubt, AnySoft Keyboard.

AnySoft Keyboard: a complete and secure keyboard app

AnySoft Keyboard is one of the few free software keyboard applications for Android that we can find in the Google Play Store and, at the same time, one of the best alternatives to both Gboard and Swiftkey, the Microsoft keyboard.

The first thing that surprised me when I installed AnySoft Keyboard was the large number of customization options you havewhich even exceed those of the Google keyboard.

To access them you just have to open the app and access the tab Interface, which is characterized by an icon of a paint palette. Once inside them you will see a preview of the theme you have selected and just below it, three sections that will allow you to customize the appearance of your keyboard to the maximum.

In the first one you can choose the keyboard theme that best suits your tastes, being able to choose between light, dark and colored designs. But not only that, because AnySoft Keyboard has a very interesting function through which the color of the keyboard will change depending on the application you are using and so the keyboard will be tinted green if you are using WhatsAppit will turn red if you use Gmail or blue if you use Telegram or Twitter.

This is the only keyboard app that has made me stop using Gboard

The second section will allow you to configure the vibration, sounds and animations of the keyboard, as well as power saving mode and night mode. In both, by accessing each of them you can configure when you want each of these modes to come into operation and what features you want to apply to the keyboard when activated.

Finally, in the third section called Settings and more you can customize the layout of both the top row of the keyboard and the bottom rowin such a way that you can choose between several options that will allow you to decide which keys you want to appear at the top of the keyboard and which at the bottom.

This is a very useful feature as it allows you to customize AnySoft Keyboard with the keys you use the most and thus improve its functionality. For example, it allows you to have a top row with only numbers and a bottom row with a shortcut to emojis and the semicolon and question mark buttons.

This is the only keyboard app that has made me stop using Gboard

As in the case of Gboard, in AnySoft Keyboard you can also select multiple languages, such as Spanish and English, so that the predictions are adjusted to both languages ​​according to whether you write in one or the other. For configure the languages ​​available on the keyboardYou just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Access the tab Idiom
  • Click on the option Enable keyboards and languages
  • Click on each of the keyboard formats what do you want to add

This is the only keyboard app that has made me stop using Gboard

In the section of Idiom You can also customize the suggested word settings and add words to the dictionary that AnySoft Keyboard doesn’t suggest by default.

Also, in this sense, you should know that this keyboard app will allow you to add these words to your private dictionary as you write them, because when it detects one of these words, you can simply save it by double tapping on the aforementioned word at the top of the keyboard.

Another of the strong points of AnySoft Keyboard is that it allows you to write by sliding your finger between the letters of the word you want to write and to activate this functionality you simply have to access the tab gestures and check the option Enable gesture typing.

But not only that, because within this section you can also assign certain actions to a series of gestures like performing a swipe left, right, or up on the space bar.

This is the only keyboard app that has made me stop using Gboard

Thus, when entering the configuration of each of these gestures, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of actions, among which are delete all the text you have typedgo to the next alphabetical keyboard, turn on capsturn on one-handed mode to make the compact keyboard appear on the left and right, or hide the keyboard.

To finish, another of the key points of AnySoftKeyboard is the protection of your privacy, since it is an app that does not share what you write with anyone, since all the data is hosted in the application itself and not in the cloud as is the case with Gboard.

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AnySoft Keyboard is a completely free app with no ads or in-app purchases that you can download from the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you under these lines.

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