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This is how the LG roll-up smartphone that will never see the light worked


LG developed a smartphone with a rollable screen before leaving the market, and today we can see it on video for the first time

LG abandoned the manufacture of smartphones in April 2021, after several consecutive quarters of economic losses and poor results. Along with LG’s mobile division, the company’s future plans also disappeared, which included, among other things, the launch of a rollable screen smartphone.

The device in question even reached leak in great detail, but finally the brand decided to cancel the project. However, more than a year after its announcement, a video has appeared on youtube where we can see how someone uses the so-called “LG Rollable Phone” that, finally, it will never become a product available to consumers.

LG Rollable, on video at CES 2021

LG showed off a prototype of its rollable smartphone during CES 2021.

The LG Rollable was canceled in April 2021

The brand first showed its progress in the development of this product during the CES 2021 held in Las Vegas in January of that same year. A few months later, the abandonment of the company from the telephone market was announced, and therefore, the cancellation Of the device.

But someone got get a unit of this peculiar device, and has decided to share it on video with the rest of the world.

In the video, you can see how the phone you can resize your screen with just one touch on an icon. Automatically, the panel unrolls and expands the useful surface, while the interface adapts to the new format.

Its mechanism seems similar to what we already saw in the OPPO X 2021a smartphone with a roll-up screen that the Chinese brand announced in 2021. As was the case with the OPPO model, the LG terminal draws attention, above all, for have a size similar to that of a conventional smartphone when the screen is completely rolled up.

Most likely, to this day, this is one of the only units of the LG Rollable Phone that remain -although it is not possible to determine the age of the video-, and since LG has long since forgotten about smartphones , I am very afraid that there will not be many more opportunities to see with our own eyes how would it have been LG’s most peculiar smartphone, after the striking LG Wing.

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