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This definitive smartwatch costs only 92 euros in this offer


The Polar watch is specially designed for athletes, but you can use it in your day to day.

When looking for a good smart watch Sometimes we overlook other types of watches that can help us keep track of our health on a day-to-day basis and that have not been designed as a smartwatch to use. Are the sports watches from firms like Polar or Fitbit that give us all kinds of data and make smartwatches for all of them. This Polar Unite has fallen for under 100 euros on this Amazon deal before prime-day.

The Polar Unite is a smart watch designed for athletes, but can be used by anyone. We are tired of seeing how the battery of the Apple Watch, with all its sensors, lasts only 24 hours, and we see that it is possible to have much greater autonomy like the one on this Polar Unite. In addition, by sensors it will not be in this model.

Buy a Polar Unite for 149.90 92 euros

Polar Unite

The Polar Unite has a battery for a full 4 days with GPS activated

Polar is a firm that focuses its production on gadgets for athletes, whether they are watches of this style or sensors for all kinds of variables such as heart rate, blood oxygen, steps And a long etcetera. This Polar Unite has a simple design, with a round body and a single metal button. You can exchange the strap by any 20 mm wide.

ride one IPS screen with resolution 240 x 204 pxhave ambient light sensor to adapt to each moment of the day (or night) and its panel is not completely circular, it has a lower part where the Polar name is engraved. This Polar Unite has Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy connectivity and is compatible with iOS and Android. If we play sports with it and we want to record our route in a 100% faithful way, we will need to carry the mobile with us, because we will use the GPS chip of the smartphone.

The Polar Unite is the watch that lasts 4 times longer than an Apple Watch.

The battery in a smart watch is essential and especially when it is made to do sports every day and have the 24 hour sensors ready. The autonomy of this Polar Unite is going to us 4 full days in watch mode and 50 hours in training mode. The training mode involves using the heart rate sensors, pedometer, gyroscope, linked by Bluetooth with your mobile and 24-hour sleep monitoring.

Inside this Polar Unite we have a own operating system from the manufacturer and 130 pre-installed sports modes. Predefined profiles with detailed metrics for each sport such as football, climbing, skiing, athletics or swimming. It is a waterproof watch that we can submerge up to 30 meters deep. With the Polar Flow appavailable on Android Y on iOS We will be able to manage all the data of our training sessions and monitor our daily health.

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