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This bestial Samsung smart TV collapses: 65 inches and 4K for almost 2,000 euros less

A brand smart television, with 4K resolution and 65 inches in size for less than 1,000 euros.

This bestial Samsung smart TV collapses: 65 inches and 4K for almost 2,000 euros less

If you have always dreamed of having a gigantic television in your living room you will like to know that Samsung has struck down the price of one of its best-known models. For a limited time only Q95TD of 65 inches cut its price to ridiculous €949.05unlockable using the EXTRA5 coupon.

This is the lowest price in history for this immense smart tv of over meter and a half screen. Remember that a few months ago we already echoed its lowest price, which touched last April the 1099 euros. Today instead you can buy it for 150 euros lessan insane price that opens the doors to having a smart TV of high-end at a historical low price.

Smart TV 4K Q95TD (65 inches)

Historic crash for the 65-inch Samsung Q95TD


Historical minimum price for one of Samsung’s best-selling televisions

Available in the samsung official store As part of the Samsung Festival, we are facing one of the most exclusive models of the Korean. Its official price is €2,799 so you can be sure that it includes some of the most advanced technologies on the market, and that is that we are not just talking about the 4Kbut also of Artificial intelligence either HDR2000.

Forget about having a television with mediocre features, this Samsung beast has many chances to be the star of your living room: you will be able to enjoy its 65 inches from practically any angle, enjoying like a child with his over a billion colorsall with contrast and sharpness regulated by the AI ​​​​of your processor.

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It is also an ideal television to play as it incorporates Real Game Enhancer+a special game mode that improve latency of your games and optimize images console for always clear visibility.

Smart TV 4K Q95TD (65 inches)

By just over 900 euros the Samsung Q95TD also comes with all the smart features of Tizenwhich shine even more in the 163 centimeters screen diagonal. You can control the TV with your voice, send your favorite content to the screen through TapViewenjoy several contents at the same time, access your computer remotely or browse your favorite platforms at full speed.

Remember that this offer Belongs to the samsung online storeso you have all the guarantees that the product will arrive at your home new and in perfect state. In addition, you have 3 years warranty, fast shipping and two weeks free returns. Of course, you can finance the purchase to suit you as well as go to the brand’s official support, which will guide you not only in the purchase but also in the correct installation of the product.

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