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These striking noise-cancelling headphones with spectacular sound return to a minimum

The Nothing ear (1) is fabulous inside and out, and just hit its lowest price yet.

These striking noise-cancelling headphones with spectacular sound return to a minimum

We are tired of seeing the typical wireless headphones, what if button type, what if type AirPods or helmets with a headband. But the company Nothing launched some that, in addition to the great hype they created, they have also achieved a large community of users delighted with them. The Nothing ear (1) are the best you can have today and just fell up 99.99 74.99 euros on Amazon.

You can buy the Nothing ear (1) in both black and white. Both models have the peculiarity of having their semi transparent body, so we can see inside them. In a boast of design and performancethe Nothing ear (1) are fantastic ambassadors of good sound and a very effective active noise cancellation.

Nothing ear (1)

Buy the headphones with the most hype and the best finishes

Nothing ear (1)

Fabulous Nothing signature headphones that let you see inside

We were able to analyze them in depth recently and left us amazed. They are headphones that have been created respecting the environment in terms of carbon emissions. OnePlus and Nothing share creator (Carl Pei), so here we are a good product in every sense. Are very light, only 4.7 grams each earbud, and the charging case goes up to 57.4 grams.

On a technical level, the Nothing ear (1) have 11.6mm drivers, something fantastic because we thus achieve a broader and more natural sound, something that no brand usually achieves in headphones of these sizes, except in the high range. As data, the AirPods 3 They have 11mm drivers. The diaphragm of these drivers is graphene and the space of the chamber is 0.34 CC, so the sounds serious will become much more present and forceful.

If you want a headphone with fabulous sound and groundbreaking design, the Nothing ear (1), look no further.

We have active noise cancellation (ANC) high performance. Thanks to 3 millimetrically placed microphones in each earphone and the AI ​​of these Nothing ear (1) we will leave the noise aside while we listen to music or make calls. Its touch controls allow us to control volume, songs and noise cancellation instantly. We also have ear detection and they are splash proof with IPX4 certificate.

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The battery of these Nothing ear (1) lasts approximately 34 hours together with the charging case (25 hours with noise cancellation activated). By them alone, we will be able to maintain a use of up to 6 hours. The case is charged by your USB-C port and has fast charging, with only 10 minutes connected we will have 8 hours of extra use. Come on, we can take them fully charged for a weekend and have battery left over when we return as safe as possible.

Nothing ear (1)

They work with wireless technology Bluetooth 5.2 Low consumption and minimal latency. They offer compatibility with SBC and AAC audio codecsso we will get a quality up to 768Kbps in musical themes, which is twice the quality that Spotify offers its premium customers.

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