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These Sony helmets are the best sellers of the last month and are on sale

The Japanese manufacturer is always in the pools for the best sound of the year.

These Sony helmets are the best sellers of the last month and are on sale

Think about buying new headphones without spending a million on them we have all done it at some point. But when you are put in front of a Sony with discount it’s hard to say no. Today we have seen two interesting things: the first thing is that these Sony WH-CH510 go down to the fifty 33 euros and another is that they have positioned themselves as the headband bluetooth headset Amazon best sellers.

Sony is always one of the manufacturers of sound devices the ones people trust the most and that usually garners very good reviews with each product it brings out. These helmets, with almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon and an average of 4.5 out of 5 points, it is one of the most recommended purchases today for about 30 eurosAnd not just because of the price.


Buy Amazon’s best-selling helmets for 33 euros


These Sony headphones are very cheap, have good sound and their battery is endless

I have them at home, in white, and I can say that I have charged them only once in the last 3 months. your battery lasts up to 35 hours of continuous use, but because of my work I don’t usually use it for more than a few minutes a day. In any case, if you see that you are going to give it much more cane, don’t worry because they have fast charge, with 10 minutes connected to the current you will have 90 extra minutes of battery. Charging is done by USB-C port located on your right ear cup.

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They are very comfortable, with folding drivers to be able to store them in a narrower place. Are very light (132 grams) to carry from one place to another and its controllers have a 30mm sizecorrect to be some on-ear helmets that go on our ears (neither inside nor around them). They are not designed for sportsbut to use them in situations where there is hardly any movement (watching a movie/series, working at a desk or studying).

I gave them to my mother to watch TV and in the end I kept them to make video calls and listen to podcasts.

These Sony are some closed type helmets, so the content you hear will not be in the public domain and will only remain between your ears. The answer of frequency is 20 to 20,000 Hz. We have a volume control on the right ear cup, as well as a power button. A voice in English will tell us both the percentage of remaining batteries and when it connects with a device automatically via Bluetooth.

These headphones are compatible with SBC and AAC audio codecsso we can listen to musical themes with a quality up to 768Kbps (Spotify only offers up to 320 Kbps), so we can be more than satisfied. For the 33 euros we paid for these headphones (I paid 40 euros on his enchanted day) we can not have better experience than the one these Sony give us.


We will can make calls and video calls if we want thanks to its microphone located, of course, in the right earphone. They are also compatible with the voice assistants that we have, if we pair to a mobile (I have it attached to my PC). So we can ask Siri or Google Assistant to call a contact from our phonebook just by asking them nicely.

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