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These 50 apps are infected by Joker and have been downloaded more than 300 thousand times: remove them from your mobile

Be very careful if you have installed any of these apps: they are infected by the most famous malware of recent times

These 50 apps are infected by Joker and have been downloaded more than 300 thousand times: remove them from your mobile

Bad news to end the week: cybersecurity experts from Zscaler ThreatLabz have discovered at least fifty applications for Android present on Google Play, infected by one of the most widespread and dangerous viruses that, for years, has stalked millions of Android users around the world.

The threat would have endangered thousands of users, since the infected applications accumulated more than 300,000 downloads in all. As of today, they have already been removed from the store catalog, but it is possible that a good number of users still have some of these malicious apps installed on their devices.

Apps on an Android smartphone

Applications on an Android mobile.

The malware was hidden in the code of the applications

As detailed by the researchers in their report, the way the attackers acted was somewhat different from that of other campaigns with Joker as the protagonist. Apparently, instead of waiting for apps to gain popularity, then replacing them with infected versions by malware, they decided hide malicious code in resource files within the application package.

That would be the reason why **antivirus systems and Android protection methods, such as Google Play Protectthey were unable to identify the infected applications as threats.

“Most commonly, threat actors camouflage Joker malware in messaging apps that require users to grant escalated access permissions by allowing them to serve as the default SMS app on the user’s phone. The malware makes use of these permissions advanced to carry out their operations.”

Using techniques to steal SMS messages, contact lists, or device information, Joker-infected applications could enroll the victim in premium WAP-type services to steal their money.

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Antivirus for Android, is it worth having one on your mobile?

Currently, all applications have already been removed by Google from the store. However, it is important to make sure that you do not have any of them installed on your devices. The full list of infected apps is available below:

  • Simple Note Scanner – com.wuwan.pdfscan
  • Universal PDF Scanner –
  • Private Messenger – com.recollect.linkus
  • Premium SMS – com.premium.put.trustsms
  • Smart Messages – com.toukyoursms.timemessages
  • Text Emoji SMS – messenger.itext.emoji.messenger
  • Blood Pressure Checker – com.bloodpressurechecker.tangjiang
  • Funny Keyboard – com.soundly.galaxykeyboard
  • Memory Silent Camera – com.silentmenory.timcamera
  • Custom Themed Keyboard – com.custom.keyboardthemes.galaxiy
  • Light Messages –
  • Themes Photo Keyboard – com.themes.bgphotokeyboard
  • Send SMS – exazth.message.send.text.sms
  • Themes Chat Messenger – com.relish.messengers
  • Instant Messenger – com.sbdlsms.crazymessager.mmsrec
  • Cool Keyboard – com.colate.gthemekeyboard
  • Fonts Emoji Keyboard – com.zemoji.fontskeyboard
  • Mini PDF Scanner – com.mnscan.minipdf
  • Smart SMS Messages –
  • Creative Emoji Keyboard – com.whiteemojis.creativekeyboard.ledsloard
  • Fancy SMS – with.sms.fancy
  • Fonts Emoji Keyboard – com.symbol.fonts.emojikeyboards
  • Personal Message –
  • Funny Emoji Message – com.funie.messagremo
  • Magic Photo Editor –
  • Professional Messages – com.adore.attached.message
  • All Photo Translator – myphotocom.allfasttranslate.transationtranslator
  • SMS Chat – com.maskteslary.messages
  • Smile Emoji – com.balapp.smilewall.emoji
  • Wow Translator – com.imgtop.camtranslator
  • All Language Translate – com.exclusivez.alltranslate
  • Cool Messages –
  • Blood Pressure Diary –
  • Chat Text SMS – com.echatsms.messageos
  • Hi Text SMS – ismos.mmsyes.message.texthitext.bobpsms
  • Emoji Theme Keyboard – com.gobacktheme.lovelyemojikeyboard
  • iMessager –
  • Text SMS – com.ptx.textsms
  • Camera Translator – com.haixgoback.outsidetext.languagecameratransla
  • Come Messages – com.itextsms.messagecoming
  • Painting Photo Editor –
  • Rich Theme Message – com.getmanytimes.richsmsthememessenge
  • Quick Talk Message – messages.qtsms.messenger
  • Advanced SMS – com.fromamsms.ataadvancedmmsopp
  • Professional Messenger – com.akl.smspro.messenger
  • Classic Game Messenger – com.classcolor.formessenger.sic
  • Style Message – com.istyle.messagesty
  • Private Game Messages –
  • Timestamp Camera –
  • Social Message – com.colorsocial.message
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Experts stress the importance of do not download apps from suspicious developer accounts, which do not have a good number of positive evaluations. Also, since many of the infected apps were posing as messaging appsit is recommended to avoid downloading this type of apps, except for the best known and safest ones.

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