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These 2 new Xiaomi products have gone completely unnoticed


Xiaomi has recently presented two very interesting products for the home. As they have gone somewhat unnoticed, we are going to tell you all their characteristics.

The rhythm of presentations and launches of Xiaomi does not stop, which means that some of its new products go more unnoticed than others. That’s just what happened to your new Xiaomi HomeWiFi router and the Xiaomi Mijia 536L refrigeratortwo products very interesting for home that just hit the market.

If they have also gone unnoticed for you so far, we invite you to discover the characteristics of these two products. On the one hand, the Xiaomi HomeWiFi is a powerful router specifically designed for large homes and apartments. On the other side we have the Xiaomi Mijia of 536 liters, a refrigerator so large that it has plenty of room for 309 ice cream boxes and 487 apples.

Xiaomi HomeWiFi, a router for large houses and apartments

These 2 new Xiaomi products have gone completely unnoticed

Xiaomi has just presented its HomeWiFi router, ideal for large houses and apartments.

The Xiaomi HomeWiFi is a new router from the Chinese firm that has gone unnoticed as it was presented together with other such striking products What the new Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12S Proeither the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, the premium version of the smartband.

However, this Xiaomi HomeWiFi also deserves the interest of users, especially those with large houses and apartments who have trouble getting a good connection in every room. Be careful, because Xiaomi has put all the meat on the grill: it is a tri-band router with maximum speed of up to 11,700 Mbpswhich allows the connection of up to 600 smart devices at the same time and capable of offering good connection in apartments of 150 square meters and up to 5 floors within the same apartment complex (1,500 square meters).

With the Xiaomi HomeWiFi router you can connect up to 600 smart devices without affecting the performance of the connection.

As reported Gizmochina, each package includes two router units with the idea that users place it in strategic places in the apartment. When they are turned on, they will pair automatically to extend connectivity throughout all rooms. It should be borne in mind that, to reach those 1,500 square meters of which we have spoken, it is necessary pair 10 Xiaomi HomeWiFi routersthe maximum number available.

As we have said, it is a tri-band router that offers 2.4GHz, 5GHz and mesh network connection. If you want to connect your devices easily and quickly, you can do it through the NFC technology. Activate NFC on your mobile and bring it closer to the router for the connection to take place. At the moment, this Xiaomi HomeWiFi it is only for sale in china priced at 1,499 yuan, about 218 euros to change.

Xiaomi MIJIA 536L, a huge refrigerator with all kinds of extras

These 2 new Xiaomi products have gone completely unnoticed

The new Xiaomi refrigerator has a capacity of 536 liters.

Another product for the home that has just been presented by Xiaomi is a refrigerator with a total capacity of 536 liters, that is, you will have plenty of space to store your food and drinks. It is a refrigerator two doors in which users can divide the content into up to 20 different compartments.

Taking into account The information of Gizmochinathe refrigerator has a 347 liter refrigerated space and a 189 liter fridge capacity. According to the manufacturer, this means that it has space to store 309 boxes of ice cream and 487 apples. Additionally, users can choose between four different modes of operation: smart dimming, vacation, blast chill and blast freeze.

In addition, it is also interesting to mention that it is an intelligent refrigerator that can be connected with Mijia app. Not only does it allow you to control your temperature remotely, but it also makes it easy to its control with the voice thanks to the integration of the Xiao AI assistant. Like the router, the Xiaomi Mijia 536L is for sale only in China with a price of 2,999 yuan, about 437 euros to change.

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