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These 17 apps have malware capable of stealing your data and your money: delete them from your mobile


Be careful if you have any of these applications on your mobile: they can erase your data, access your bank accounts and much more

Cybersecurity experts at SecneurX have again alerted about several threats present in Google Play Store, which would have endangered thousands of Android users around the world. From the latest alert from this same firma total of 17 new apps on Google Play with malware insidewhich could steal sensitive user data.

Many of the malicious applications would have inside them the famous Trojan known as joker, which in recent years has compromised the security of Google’s operating system, as it is capable of infecting millions of users around the world. For that reason, it is important to stay well protected and avoid by all means install apps that might contain such malware.

Malware on Android

Malware is once again stalking Google’s operating system.

Joker sneaks back into Google Play: 17 infected apps were distributed through Google Play

Among the infected applications it is possible to find apps of all kinds, from animated wallpapers, to messaging apps or QR code scanner. All of them contain some kind of Trojan, as SecneurX experts have discovered, and some had managed to accumulate thousands of downloads in the store.

In most cases, the Trojan in question was Joker, a particularly dangerous type of malware, since once it is on the victim’s device, it can hide effectively to prevent the user from detecting it and being able to delete it. Meanwhile, he is able to steal sensitive data and of subscribing the user to premium services that will end up costing them money.

On the other hand, applications with Trojans focused on obtaining data from banking entitiesprobably with the aim of steal money from users. Next, we provide the full list of infected apps along with their respective links to the Google Play Store.

Currently, all apps infected by malware from this list have already been removed by Google from the app store. However, it is important to make sure that you do not have any of them installed on your devices, to avoid possible attacks.

Android security guide: make your mobile as secure as possible

Since, this time, the malicious applications had managed to sneak into Google Play, the recommendation of do not download apps from unreliable sources. For cases like this, it is important to remember the importance of downloading applications from developers with a certain pathand avoid downloading at all costs apps that look like clones of othersor that do not have good ratings by other users.

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