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The smartband that is bringing out the colors to HUAWEI and Xiaomi only costs 28 euros

HONOR’s hybrid smart bracelet is one of the best purchases this summer for less than 30 euros.

The smartband that is bringing out the colors to HUAWEI and Xiaomi only costs 28 euros

By more than Xiaomi keep launching new and successful smartbands, you will not stop getting competition on all fronts. This time it is HONOR, sister of HUAWEIwhich has launched the HONOR Band 6 (a carbon copy of the HUAWEI Band 6) which can fight with the new Xiaomi SmartBand 7 under equal conditions and with a price of almost half.

Today you can have the HONOR Band 6 for only 28 euros thanks to a coupon of 22 euros of extra discount they offer on Amazon. this is a great smart bracelet for measure all your parameters on a day-to-day basis, with good build quality despite the low price, and with an autonomy that others would most like with this piece of screen.

Remember activate the 22 euro coupon discount before adding the product to the cart.

HONOR Band 6

Get a great HONOR smartband for 28 euros

HONOR Band 6

HONOR’s hybrid smart bracelet is sparking passions among its users

At the design level, it is amazing for a watch/bracelet, as it combines what for us is a smartband, light with a Smart watch, with a large full color screen and more sensors inside. This HONOR Band 6 is made of polycarbonate high strength. On it we have a beautiful 1.47 inch Amoled screen, this is 148% more than the average number of screens in a current smartband. Have great visibility under daylight and its four sides are 2.5D curved.

If the Xiaomi Mi Band had sensors, this one from HONOR completely improves it. We have a heart rate reader, blood oxygen saturation, pedometer, accelerometer, sleep monitor and more than 95 pre-installed exercise modes that you can choose it before starting the sporting activity or chooses it itself HONOR Band 6 automatically detecting movements typical of each sport or activity (only detects 6 types: running, walking, rowing machine and elliptical, among others).

If you are hesitating for the high price of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, this HONOR Band 6 is your salvation.

The battery of this HONOR Band 6 it’s amazing. cannot give autonomy up to 14 days of normal use and 10 days of intensive use. In the same way, we can load it quickly thanks to its fast load that, in just 10 minutes connected, we will have for 3 days of use. It is at the level of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, but with the addition of a larger screen and the blood oxygen sensor that no model includes in smartband size.

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HONOR Band 6

And if you like to dress every day with a different style, you can also do it in your HONOR Band 6. You can customize daily or weekly dial of your smartband with the wide variety of options in the HONOR online store. you can even use photos of you as the background of the sphere if you prefer.

honor band 6

The Honor Band 6 is one of the best alternatives to the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Of course, if you look in the market, for 28 euros you will not see anything so complete like this hybrid smartband with a smartwatch screen, a great battery lifeall kinds of sensors (only GPS is missing), and the personalization of a smart watch.

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