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The Nothing Phone (1) hides two great tributes to Pokémon, and finding them is a challenge

Carl Pei’s obsession with Pokémon has extended to a Nothing Phone (1) full of ‘easter eggs’ related to Pikachu and his fellow adventurers.

The Nothing Phone (1) hides two great tributes to Pokémon, and finding them is a challenge

That it was a different cell phone, they brought it to us clucking Carl Pei and all his media machinery almost since the beginning of the year 2022, although the truth is that at Nothing Phone (1) we have had to wait a long time to see it finally become a mid-cut Android mobile but with a distinctive design and a system of lights called The Glyph yes it is unique in the industry.

For the rest, and far from LEDs and dressings, we are before a rather ordinary smartphone that looks like a semi-transparent iPhone on the outside and that it has installed a retouched version of Android in the purest Nothing style, with the dots as protagonists, and that save that yes some surprises related to Pokémon to please its creator, who is a fan of this Nintendo saga.

Nothing Phone, gray back

The “Interface Glyph” of the Nothing Phone (1) hides this secret musical related to Pokémon.

In fact, it is that to the first easter egg we found out a few days ago with the tear down full to deviceas the colleagues of PBKReviews discovered that the bands of cables on the battery of the device indicate the Pokémon brand in what looks like a little joke and a clear nod to Carl Pei and his obsession.

Here you can see it:

Nothing Phone Pokemon Cables (1)

The curious Pokémon cables of the Nothing Phone (1).

If you want a Nothing Phone (1) you will have to take good care of it: it is very difficult to repair
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And time, it’s been Android Authority who us discovered the second easter egg that Nothing’s engineers have left on your device, this time related to the software and to this new LED lights interface called The Glyph which can become a kind of “visualizer” for the music.

In fact, it is that this second Easter egg that Nothing has included in its Phone (1) it is also related to pokemonas you will see, since to activate it you have to follow a few simple steps that have a lot to do with “Open”one of the Nintendo monsters from the first Pokémon generation that also internally gave the code name to the Phone (1) during its design and development phases.

Activating this secret functionality is very simple, so we will describe the process step by step I’ll leave you the screenshots to illustrate how it’s done:

  1. Create the “Open” contact on your Nothing Phone (1).
  2. Go to settings glyph.
  3. find the section of Ringtones.
  4. Add “Abra” as a contact in that section.
  5. Assign the ‘open’ ringtone to “Open”.
  6. Music visualizer activated on the glyph when you play audio!

Following this guide and keeping “Abra” in our contacts with your selected ringtone will be the only way to show us the functionality of the music “visualizer” in The Glyphwhich will provide us with an effect that follows the rhythm of the audio with the rear lights of the phone when we play our favorite songs.

It’s just another curious functionality of this system of lights that Nothing has devised to make your smartphone differentand incidentally another nod from Carl Pei and his new company to this trend of easter eggs that they popularized from Google, leaving also incidentally another reference to a Pokémon universe of which the founder of Nothing is a fan.

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If you want the luminous heart of your Nothing Phone (1) beats to the rhythm of the musicnow you know how to get it…!

And obviously, to clarify, all this has nothing to do with the easter egg of Android 13 and the emojis that we met a while ago, and that also will be present as in any other Android device when we repeatedly click on the Android version in the Settings.

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