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The most and best valued headphones are 50% off

I recommend this device for several reasons, most notably its premium sound.

The most and best valued headphones are 50% off

At Andro4all we talk almost daily about wireless headphoneson offer or not, that we openly recommend to our readers. However, there is a model from a little-known global firm that makes us smile every time we see it at a discount. They are none other than TOZO T10 that today can be yours with a 50% discount.

You can find these fantastic headphones in several colors, but the best price this time goes to the model of black color. The price marked on Amazon is 29.99 euros, and if you apply a extra 10% discount above that price you can have them at home for only €26.99.


Buy the most recommended headphones at a great discount

tozo t10

TOZO headphones are the best sellers on Amazon

These TOZO T10 we have tried them on many occasions in the team, and we can only say wonders about them. They work with the latest wireless technology Bluetooth 5.3with lower consumption than the previous generation and a almost nonexistent latency. We will not have interruptions in calls or any type of lag while we play a game on the mobile.

The sound they offer throws some very deep bass, smooth mids and clear highsthis is thanks to the 8mm drivers performance headphones that are 1.77 times larger than other headphones of this size. have an answer of frequency from 16 to 20,000 Hz. This does not allow you to hear a wide range of frequencies suitable for the human ear that goes from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

The TOZO T10 are exceptional in any situation and their battery lasts a long time.

These headphones have a passive noise cancellation, that is, they use their silicone pads to isolate us from the madding crowd. They are headphones button typeso they will be quite hidden in our ears. They are waterproof with IPX8 certificatethey can be submerged, but watch out for dust, because they are not tested for it.

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And what interests us most, its battery: it is capable of offering us an autonomy of up to 6 hours (headphones only) and up to 30 hours on case power load. In just 1.5 hours we can charge the case to 100% and in 2 hours using a wireless charger. If, like me, you use them for about 2 hours a day, we can have more than 2 weeks of use without having to recharge the case.


If you buy these TOZO T10 with this offer you can benefit from a 10% off wireless charger from the same manufacturer, the TOZO W1, which would cost you about 13 euros nothing more. It not only serves to charge the headphone case, but also for your mobile.

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