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The craziest Wordle to date is called Squardle and it’s terribly difficult

Squardle is a complicated version of Wordle in which you will have to take many aspects into account if you want to guess the solution.

The craziest Wordle to date is called Squardle and it's terribly difficult

The success of wordle has given rise to creation of different variantsSome easier and some more complicated. In this article we want to talk about one of those that belong to the last group, about those difficult ones that will break your head for quite a while. His name is Square And, we are not going to deny you, we have also had to invest a lot of time for two things: find out how it works and then, find the solutions.

If you are already bored of original wordle or you find it too easy, we recommend you give Squardle a try. Of course you can play for free from your mobile, computer or tablet. Before explaining its operation in detail, we anticipate that you will have to guess six words at once, all interrelated between them.

play squardle

Squardle, the most difficult Wordle you will face

The craziest Wordle to date is called Squardle and it's terribly difficult

If you want to break your head, Squardle is the ideal game.

In this case, we do not know if it is more complicated to learn to play Squardle or to explain to another person what its mechanics consist of. In general, what you have to do is guess six different words on the game board. to try it, You should try in order: first you will enter the first vertical and horizontal, then the second vertical and horizontal, and you will end with the third row, both horizontal and vertical.

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As in the original Wordle, by trying different words you will discover which letters are useful and which are not. To do this, you must take into account the following color clues:

  • Black: the letter is not found in any word.
  • Green: the letter is in the right place.
  • White: the letter is on the board, but not in that horizontal or vertical row.
  • Red: the letter is in that vertical row, but not right there.
  • Yellow: the letter is in the same horizontal row, but not in that position.
  • Orange: the letter can be both in the same horizontal row and in the same vertical. It is a mixture of the colors red and yellow.
The craziest Wordle to date is called Squardle and it's terribly difficult

This is how the Squardle board appears after several attempts.

If the operation of the tracks is not clear to you, the arrows that some of them contain will help you to understand it better. It is best to try different words so that there are more and more clues that you can use. To get guess the six words on the board you will have ten attempts.

You can play Squardle for free on its website using your favorite device, be it your mobile or computer. Unfortunately, It’s only available in English, so you will need to have some command of this language if you want to be able to enjoy the game. The link is as follows:

play squardle

The keyboard in Squardle appears below the game board. Letters you haven’t used yet will be purplewhile the ones you have already put into use will appear in two colors: gray if they are letters that are in the words and black if they are letters that you must discard.

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In short, Squardle has seemed to us a kind of sudoku with letters instead of numbers. It may seem complicated at first, but the truth is that it hooks as you discover the clues. We hope that some developer will be encouraged and give us a spanish version soon. If you want to discover similar games, in Andro4all we already recommend you the best Wordle variants of the moment.

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