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The craziest offer of the day: wireless headphones for only 2.50 euros

If you are looking for wireless headphones for little money, these cost you only 2.50 euros. You just have to meet a simple requirement to enjoy the bargain.

The craziest offer of the day: wireless headphones for only 2.50 euros

buy some wireless headphones It doesn’t have to be a huge investment. If you want to enjoy your music without the clutter of cables and, furthermore, spend very little money on the purchase, today we present you the TWS earphones E7S, what can they be yours alone €2.50 in aliexpress. Yes, you can get them for less than the cost of a sandwich.

We are facing some headphones with a simple and comfortable design that you can choose in different colors: black, white, pink or light blue. The most important thing is that they offer correct sound quality, whether listening to music and podcasts, or playing games. In addition, they have a fast connection to other devices, a microphone for calls and several hours of battery.

These TWS E7S headphones drop in price on AliExpress, which will send them to your home without you having to pay an extra price. In addition, you will enjoy 90 day buyer protection. However, you must bear in mind that it is a discount for new users. If you have already made a purchase with your AliExpress account, you can quickly register with a new email address to get the wireless headphones for only 2.50 euros.

E7S TWS Earbuds

Buy these wireless headphones for only 2.50 euros

The craziest offer of the day: wireless headphones for only 2.50 euros

For only 2.50 euros, these headphones are quite a bargain.

For 2.50 euros, these TWS E7S are a great option if you want cheap headphones for “dirty work”. You can use them for uses in which you are not looking for excellent audio quality, or for those moments in which their survival is assured. For example, they can be the headphones you use on the goSo it won’t hurt you unduly if you lose them.

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Comfort is assured, as they have a small size and silicone ear tips that ensure a good fit to the ear. As we have mentioned, they are available in various colors, so you can choose quietly without incurring a price increase. In addition, the charging case also has a comfortable size.

Take these wireless headphones for only 2.50 euros, less than the cost of a sandwich.

The most important thing about these headphones on sale is that offer good sound quality more than enough for its price. You can use them to listen to music, to catch up on your favorite podcasts, to play games or to watch videos on YouTube. Also, by equipping a microphoneyou can too use them to talk hands-free on the phone or to record audio.

In order to enjoy these wireless headphones, you must connect them to other devices via Bluetooth. It can be your mobile, your computer, your tablet or even your smart TV. You only have to take both earphones out of the case, access the Bluetooth settings of the device you want to connect to and tap on the headphones option. The connection will be established in the blink of an eye.

E7S TWS Earbuds

In addition, the TWS E7S earphones have an autonomy of about 3-4 hourswith the option of extend their life if you store them in the charging case. To charge the latter, you just have to use the USB cable that comes in the box. By the way, you will also find pads of various sizesso you can choose the ones that best suit your ear.

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For only 2.50 eurosto these wireless headphones you can’t ask for more. Take advantage of the fact that the craziest offer is back and get them on AliExpress. Remember, for this you must be a new user.

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