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The clock app of your Xiaomi is about to change completely

One of the most used MIUI apps is receiving a major design update

The clock app of your Xiaomi is about to change completely

Xiaomi has started updating the clock app included in your phones with MIUI. As they have indicated in the specialized portal, MIUIesthe company has updated the app to version 13.25.0introducing a revamped user interface.

At the moment, the changes are only visible in the Chinese version of MIUI. However, it is to be expected that, sooner or later, Xiaomi will bring the news of its clock app to the rest of the MIUI versions available globally.

POCO F4, front side design

Xiaomi is updating the MIUI clock app with a completely new design / Image: Christian Collado

Xiaomi’s clock app changes for the first time in years

Thanks to the images shared by the aforementioned portal, this new version of the MIUI Clock app introduces a more modern lookwith redesigned menus and components that better fit the aesthetic lines of MIUI 13.

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As can be seen, the app interface maintains the horizontal carousel format, being able to access the different sections of the app by sliding to the right or left on the screen. However, compared to the current version, design changes are appreciablebecause the icons that represented each category have been eliminated, and now it is shown your name in the top bar.

MIUI new clock

The new MIUI clock app introduces great changes on an aesthetic level.

At the moment, only those people who have the Chinese version of MIUI on their devices can see the changes on their devices. The Clock app in its version 13.25.0 accompanies the MIUI 13 version 22.7.19which sooner or later should cross the borders of China and land on the global market.

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