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The best-selling Kindle reaches the historical minimum, 59.99 euros


The most in-demand e-book reader sinks to its best price.

Since Amazon launched its first Kindle back in 2007, no manufacturer has snatched the crown in this segment from the American giant. Neither Sony nor Fnac with their Kobo have been able to overcome the sales that these ebook readers from Amazon. Today, for the prime-dayhas dropped to its lowest price, €59.99.

best ebook reader strip its price 30 euros from the official price. The lowest price reached by this Kindle was 69.99 euros during the black friday and Christmas past. there is no better opportunityif you’re Amazon-Primeto get a Kindle than this Prime Day.

Shop the best-selling Kindle for 89.99 €59.99

Kindle 2019

Frontlit Kindle is the best-selling and most discounted eBook reader

How can you take advantage of the Kindle? Very easy, this type of device is able to read multitude of formats of text and image (including the format of Audible .AAX): Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, Unprotected MOBI, Native PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and PMP. From the Kindle itself you can make purchases of books on Amazon without having to access your mobile or computer. You can also buy from your mobile and you will see the purchase reflected in your Kindle library.

This Kindle, which was released in 2019, is the first to incorporate light to your screen, so you can read with the light off. lighting is achieved with 4 LEDs arranged in the corners of the Kindle that focus towards the center and allow us to continue our bedside reading once the daily lighting is too dim. This Kindle mounts a 6-inch anti-glare panelbut watch out for greasy fingers, after a week of use you may need to give it a good cleaning.

This Kindle is much better value for money than the Kindle Paperwhite.

You will not have problems with the library of books that you have to incorporate it into the Kindle library, because we have 8 GB of memory internal. we can enjoy Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months with Amazon’s current offer on our new Kindle device. as easy as sign up with the offer and start enjoying more than Unlimited 1 million books and magazines on different topics 24 hours a day. After the trial period you will be charged 9.99 euros/month for the subscriptionbut you can unsubscribe for free before that time if you need to.

This 2019 Kindle it has no buttons nowhere, just one on/off. We’ll do it all on screen with well-defined gestures or touches. It’s a great way to eliminate physical elements and make an eBook as close to a paper book as possible, without the space it occupies on our bookshelf. those of IKEA must be pulling their hair outwell Amazon is running out of paper book little by little and with it the market for shelves designed for them.

This Kindle, like previous models, can be customized outside with thousands of compatible cases. You can choose the original Amazon or other brands specialized in protecting eBook readers like this Kindle or others, with high quality materials and very good durability.

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