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The best 9 websites to check the weather forecast


Many times we forget how powerful our smartphone and the Internet in general are and we go out to the street with doubts about whether we should carry a parasol or an umbrella, or which footwear is better, and we simply end up in the rain without any protection and with white shoes that will take us a while to remove stains. All this for not looking at the mobile for a few seconds and seeing what the experts say about what the weather will be like during the day.

That’s why we bring you 9 web pages with excellent reputation, predicting the weatherso you can consult them before leaving and avoid having a bad time.

Best websites to forecast the weather

The best websites to see the weather forecast

Top of the best websites to check the weather forecast

Just as we brought you best apps to see the weathernow it is the turn of the webs, for those people who do not want to install another app on their mobileplus these pages can be as accurate as the best app you can find.


Aemet website

The website of the state weather agency

We start the count with official website of the state meteorology agency, where you will find all kinds of information regarding the weather forecast. Any phenomenon that may occur in the Spanish territory you will know all the details within the web, and it is that many of the other pages that you visit related to the climate, obtain their information from this site.

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you will also find all your social networks and a customer service line so that you are informed in different ways.

weather and radar

Web Weather and Radar

Excellent website to see the weather forecast in Spain

In Weather and radar you will be able to visualize the weather of the day and of the next two days in different maps classified in temperature, weather and rain forecast. These maps allow you to see the entire planet, so if you are going to travel to another country, or want to know what the weather is like in another continent, you simply have to open the map you want and that’s it. It has a picture to see the lowest and highest temperature of the next 14 days in different cities.

Weather Consult

Web Weather Consult

One of the best sites to have weather information

A website of French origin, but that works very well in Spain and in other European countries and the rest of the world. He offers you detailed weather information for the next 15 days. Among the most important information provided by this website we have, map of winds, waves and coastal zonesalthough to access some of this data you must be subscribed to its premium plan.

It has its own app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Time 3

Website Time 3

Website that gives you the weather by city in Spain

If you are interested in knowing how the weather will be during the rest of the year, you have come to the right place, since here you can see the weather forecast until December 31 of this year. Although since the weather can change for different reasons, the website recommends that you only consult the next 14 days to obtain a more accurate result of what will happen.

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You can filter your search by province or cityand in addition to Spain, you can see the climate of other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Paraguay and Honduras.

Your time

Web Your time Net

Excellent website to see the weather forecast

In addition to showing you the weather forecast for Spain and almost all the countries worldwide with very easy-to-understand maps, it has a section called, listen to the time, where you can listen to the time of sunrise and sunset, temperature, wind speed and some other important data of the day you have selected. A good option for when you’re behind the wheel.

The only detail of this website is that advertising can be very annoyingbut you have the option to pay a subscription to remove it.


Web Meteosat

A website that allows you to see the weather by province

MeteoSat is a website that has practically everything you need to know about the weatherwith a very informative blog and many animations from space, in infrared, black and white, high resolution, among others.

Also they have a store called Astromet where you can buy telescopesoutdoor thermometers, rain gauges, and many other weather instruments.

Time with J.R.

Web Weather with JR

A website with a lot of information related to the weather in Spain

This is a website that has been growing in its 3 years of being available on the Internet, adding more information of great value to all who visit it every day. Here you can see the state of the climate by municipality in the Spanish territory, maps of rain, snow, temperature, waves, ocean currents, humidityamong other very interesting maps.

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It is worth mentioning that this site was developed by Jorge Rey, a boy who is only 15 years old and who He also has a YouTube channel with the same name.


Web Meteovigo

A website with the weather forecast and excellent articles

If more than knowing the weather forecast, you are a meteorology buff, you will love this website. Here you can see the Gulf Stream, volcanic activity, lightning in real time, NAO index, winds, snow extent, hurricanes, storms and much more.

You can also visit their more than 10 blogs to keep you up to date with all the news related to the weather around the planet.


weather web page

Website that offers many weather details

Finally, we have a website that has a very friendly interface that allows access to each section without any complications. All your information is very well detailed.

You will be able to check if it is feasible to go out and play golf in a certain course, go to school, go fishing or carry out some other activity outside the home. It has a very interesting section where provide you with health-related information such as air quality, pollen count, number of people diagnosed with the flu, and more.

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