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The best 8 apps to turn your mobile into a surveillance camera


Surely you have an old mobile in your house that you do not use and even if you do not know it, you can still put it to excellent use. We are talking about use that old cell phone as a security camera for your home or office so you don’t have to spend money on a new camera. And why not? Mobile has everything you need, camera, microphone, a memory to store information and Internet connection. In addition, with the 8 apps that we are going to show you, you will have more options available than a traditional security camera can have.

You can take care of your baby, watch over your pet, or see who is knocking on your door, and all this with some of these applications and a mobile that you never thought of using again. you can also see other uses you can give your old mobile.

Applications to turn the mobile into a security camera

Excellent apps for your mobile to be a security camera

Top of the best apps to use the mobile as a security camera

Try each of these applications and keep the one that best suits your needs, whatever your choice, you will have a high-quality security camera without spending a single euro. However, also you can buy one of these cheap and excellent security cameras that we have selected for you.

Webcam IP

IP Webcam app

An excellent app for your mobile to be a security camera

With this application you have a lot of very interesting options like stop motionvideo recording in WebM, MOV, MKV or MPEG4, you can also add date, time and battery level to the video.

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The application has the function to save the video directly to Dropboxsend it by SFTP or email without having to leave to use another tool.

At Home Camera

A very complete application, since in addition to monitoring your house, you can talk to your relatives through it. It has different types of recordings such as motion recording or scheduled recording at a certain time. You may turn on the flash, apply zoom, activate an alarm and much more.

alfred security camera

In addition to recording videos, this application gives you a link with which you can access from another mobile, computer or laptop, and see in real time everything that is recorded by the mobile that functions as a surveillance camera. The video stream is of high qualityso you will have no problem seeing and hearing everything that is happening.

You can protect the mobile with a password and even turn off its screen to save battery.

Surveillance Guardian Camera

Surveillance guardian camera app

Application capable of turning your mobile into a surveillance camera

The good thing about this app is that it is very easy to configure to start using, it does not require any prior knowledge to get what you need from it. Their graphical interface is so friendly that in a matter of minutes, your surveillance camera will be ready to protect you.

The app comes with a 24 hour free trialbut then you will have to make a single payment to have it permanently.

Security Camera CZ

App Security Camera CZ

An excellent security camera app and totally free

Security Camera CZ in addition to recording HD videos and streaming them live, too can take photos when it detects movements to have exact evidence of what happened. It allows you to share the cameras with family and friends, store images in google drive, Trigger alarms when any motion is detected in specific areas, automatic activation of the mobile flash, and more.

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Lexi Cam

Lexis Cam App

With this app you can use your Android device as a security camera

Another good alternative for your mobile to be a security camera is Lexis Cam, this app allows you to see everything in real time and record directly to Google Drive or DropBox. You can configure several cameras at the same time from the same accountreceive notifications after detecting any movement, configure night vision and set schedules.

Mobile Security Camera

Your recording system is cloud-basedso you should not worry if an intruder enters your house and takes the mobile, since everything recorded will be well backed up and safe. You can create a complete security network using any security camera that supports the FTP protocol or your old mobile.

The only detail is that the app is free, but you will have to pay a plan for the space you are going to occupy in the cloudhowever, there are from 1.5 euros per month.


IP Camera App

IP Camera application easy to configure

Finally, we have the most used app for this function, with more than 10 million downloads only in the Play Store. And it is that this application, unlike its competitors, has it all, live streaming 24/7, intelligent intruder alert, zoom function, reminders, alarmcircle of trust, low light filter, walkie-talkie and much more.

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