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The bargain of the day: the best Xiaomi fan with a 40% discount

The Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 has an official price of 99.99 euros, but you can buy it in a limited way for only 60 euros.

The bargain of the day: the best Xiaomi fan with a 40% discount

With the heat wave that we are living there are many of us who are seriously considering the purchase of a fana much more option cheap and practical than an air conditioner, since, in addition to consume less electricity we can move it from here to there without too many complications.

For this reason, we cannot stop sharing this piece of offer in one of the most advanced ventilators of Xiaomithe My Smart Standing Fan 2which has seen its price plummet 40%passing from the officers 99.99 euros what brand in the brand’s online store to some ridiculous €60.99. A golden opportunity to get a powerful, economical fan with a lot of extras.

My Smart Standing Fan 2

Buy the best Xiaomi fan with a 40% discount on AliExpress

Xiaomi fan

The Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is assembled in a few minutes

Available in aliexpress square with free shipping from Spain (you will have it at home in a few days), this Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 stands as one of the fans more advanced of the market, and that is because of the 60 euros what does it cost includes specifications smart impossible to find in analog models of the same price.

For example, you can not only control the fan with your voice through Alexa or Google Assistantbut you can also program its operation with the help of your mobile and the Mi Home app, something really useful for save electricity in these difficult times for our pocket.

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In addition to this, unlike the vast majority of fans, the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 can work, if necessary, wirelesslysince it has a battery with autonomy to up to 6 days. In other words, you can have it constantly plugged into the charging cradle like a normal fan, or you can move it promptly wherever you need it.

As if that were not enough, it mounts a special engine that boasts a reduced power consumption (1 kWh for the entire summer) while offering ventilation with a range up to 14 meterswith more than 100 adjustable speed levels and a head rotation of up to 140 degreesso it is capable of reaching every corner of your home.

My Smart Standing Fan 2

It also has a fully configurable height, so you can use it as standing or table fan. You choose where you want to place it and how you want it to work, something that will always do silent way since the base does not “raise” or 35 decibels.

In short, if you still don’t have a fan for this summer, it’s now or never. You just have to stop by Amazon to see what fans you find for 60 eurosa strip where this Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is especially competitive.

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