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The 6 best deals on Xiaomi products (non-mobile) from AliExpress sales


A fan, the Mi Band 6, a Smart TV… Save as much as possible with these Xiaomi bargains.

One more day in AliExpress Summer Promotion. Only until the end of the month can you do with thousands of products at prices of authentic scandal, with discounts that in many occasions can even reach the 80%. So that you can make the most of this promotion, today we have decided to select those that are, in our opinion, the best bargains in products XiaomiNow, we have tried avoid cell phonesa topic for which we reserve another compilation (wink, wink).

so let’s see 6 offers in some of the best Xiaomi products, namely: a couple of smart televisions, another ditto of bracelets and watches smart, a fan and a TV Box. All of them top-notch gadgets (we’re talking about best-selling “clunkers”), with discounts over 30% and, in many cases, with all the Benefits of AliExpress Plazasuch as fast shipping from Spain or 15 days of free returns.

Remember that to qualify for the maximum discount you will have to apply the codes that you will find next to each product. If for whatever reason none of these Xiaomi bargains fit you, you can apply the codes SALE5 either SOCIAL02 in many other AliExpress products to get 5 and 2 euros discount respectively. Of course, you will have to make a minimum of 50 and 12 euros of purchase to qualify for the discount.

6 bargains in Xiaomi products from the AliExpress summer promotion

Xiaomi Mi TV P1E

Save almost 200 euros on one of the best Xiaomi smart TVs

  • Xiaomi Mi P1E 55″. We start the selection with a smart tv of 55 inches Y 4KUHD that has plummeted its price to historical lows: only 363.38 euros. Quite a golden opportunity to have one quality screen and good size in the living room. Take a look at the specifications because you will not be disappointed.

  • Xiaomi MiTV P1 32″. Another option is to opt for a cheaper (and also smaller) smart TV model. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 of 32 inchesa real best seller that we have been recommending for months at Andro4all, since it has, with total security, the best value for money on the market. for just €164.52 you have a Full HD television with AndroidTVintegrated Google Assistant or Dolby Audio, in addition to a remote control with voice control, among many other features.

  • Xiaomi Mi TV Box S. In case you want more control on your television, it may also be a good idea to give the Xiaomi Mi TV Box a try, a The most complete Android TV compatible with 4K resolution and integrated Chomecast. It will allow you to access tons of content in one way More complete than a normal smart TV, so if you haven’t tried the honeys of an Android TV device yet, now is the time.

  • Xiaomi MiBand 6. The star gadget of the Chinese firm plummets its price once again thanks to the AliExpress sales, this time below 30 euros. For just 28.79 euros you take home the best cheap quantifying bracelet on the market: it has a battery for almost two weeks and will allow you to measure absolutely everything, from your sleep to the steps you take, going through dozens of sports activities, the pulse or the amount of oxygen in the blood. Although the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has just come out, it will be rare for the price of the Mi Band 6 to drop further, so… take advantage of!

  • Redmi Watch 2 Lite. If the Mi Band 6 is too small for you, you can also try the Redmi Watch 2 Lite, a vitaminized version of the famous Xiaomi bracelet. It boasts of having the same functions as the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 but adds a larger screen, GPS and more than 100 sports modes. Quite a gentleman smartwatch specially designed for people who love sports.

  • Xiaomi Fan 2 Lite. Finally we find the Xiaomi Fan 2 Lite, one of the newest fans of the firm. By less than 40 euros You have what will be your best friend this summer: a smart fan that is 100% controllable with your mobile phone and a design that is as elegant as it is functional. It hardly makes any noise and has a special night mode, making it ideal for sleeping with it or keeping it in a corner while we work.

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