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So you can print a calendar from Google Calendar


Printing your Google calendars is very useful to have control of your key dates.

The Google Calendar calendars They are an excellent tool loaded with possibilities. With your only Google account you have a perfect planner to detail all your events and tasks. It is one of the most interesting free tools. And it is that, to tell the truth, everything that the Mountain View company offers us is worth it in that sense. In this simple tutorial we are going to learn how to print a calendar from Google Calendar so you can use it at your discretion. There are times when having a document printed is very helpful.

How to print a calendar from Google Calendar

  • First of all, we have to access our Google account. We log in with our credentials. In the upper right corner we find, right next to our icon, a circle with a square made up of 9 points. By clicking on it we will see all the available Google products. We are looking for Calendar.
Screenshot of Google Calendar

Google offers us many free tools.

  • Once you access you will see the month in which we are or the calendar will be displayed in the previously chosen configuration. For example, perhaps the week is displayed, because you have defined it that way. On the left side you will see the types of active calendars. These are customizable and allow us to have the key dates within our calendar. Select the type of calendar you want to display.
Screenshot of calendars

You can display your calendars as you like.

  • When we already have the calendar that we want active, we return to the upper right. We click on the toothed wheel, and once there, a dropdown opens. At the bottom we will see the “Print” menu.
Screenshot of Calendar Printing.

The printing of the calendar allows you to work very comfortably.

  • The previous step before printing is configure options. You have to select the specific period, although by default your initial configuration is shown, which in the example is 1 month. You can ask Google Calendar for the font size you want, as well as the orientation, whether vertical or horizontal. Finally, if you want the contour in color or black and white and if they are shown or not on weekends. If you want to show the events that you have not accepted, you have to select it. In the case of Google Calendar, there are events in collaborative calendars that we do not mark. Click “Print” to finish the process.
Calendar Print Screenshot

The final step enables your printing options.

  • Finally, we will see the print dialog box, in which we will choose the printer and all the options that are available. Your calendar will be available as soon as the process is finished.
Final print options screen shot

Your print menu shows the final options.

These are the steps to have your Google Calendar printed. easy and comfortable, Having a calendar on paper helps us better plan our tasks and events. This Google tool is of great help in any circumstance.

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