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Smart bulbs with Alexa for 13 euros: because not everything has to be Xiaomi


TP-Link has a model very similar to the best of the Chinese manufacturer, but for half the price.

Since the first Xiaomi smart bulbs landed on the European market, many of us have several of them. Have a well timed lighting It saves us headaches when we go on vacation and leave our house at the mercy of friends of others.

Before we could say that it was not available to all users, but well this offer has changed our face. Now for 13 euros/bulb we will be able to have an intelligent lighting system and from the hand of a manufacturer that is expressly dedicated to improve our home automation, Tp link. For 24.99 euros we have a pack of 2 bulbs available on Amazon before its prime-day.

Buy 2 smart bulbs for 25.99 euros

TP-Link Tapo L530E

Having smart lighting is no longer as expensive as it used to be

This pair of bulbs from TP-Link they are of high quality, like those of Xiaomi, but with a smaller size. They have WiFi connectivity and will be connected to your network 24 hours a day. We can choose up to 16 million colors to show, as well as adjust brightness and temperature of light whenever we want.

With the TP-Link app (Tapo), we can add as many bulbs as we require at home and configure them as a whole or individually. We have the vacation mode, very interesting when we leave home for several days. The bulbs will light up randomly for several minutes at reasonable hours to show from the outside that there is life inside.

I have 4 bulbs at home and I couldn’t be happier with them.

The cap of this bulb is the most common today, E27, so you shouldn’t have to buy a new socket for it. The power of this device goes up to 8.7W, which is equivalent to about 60 W of lighting in the previous generation of bulbs that gave off extreme heat. These bulbs are LED type, so you don’t have to worry about its heat. Therefore, we will save on energy consumed and heat generated, which in summer is not recommended at all to have a source of heat emission.

I have put the smart bulbs in the following way: one in the lamp in the living room, another in a spotlight on the porch, another in the guest room and the last one in the study. The windows of these 4 places can be seen from the street, so the vacation mode is ideal in this case. We also have the opportunity to program at the hours we want each day of the week.

And if you already link the Tapo app to an Amazon Alexa app routineyou can even turn on/off or program the bulbs with your voice and a echo device. In the Tapo app you will put a specific name to each bulb and just talking to the Echo You can activate or deactivate it as you wish.

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