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Samsung’s plan to overtake Apple: absolute priority to folding phones?


According to analysts, Samsung wants to compete with Apple in the highest range and for this it plans to maximize its folding Galaxy Z (where in Cupertino they do not even compete for now).

It seems that Samsung is doing better than ever in both the mobile and semiconductor industries, already becoming the first manufacturer to produce 3 nanometer chips and with the summer unpacked already on the horizon for introduce us to the news of the Galaxy Z family in this 2022.

In fact, it seems that the event will be more important than ever, because according to SamMobile the South Korean giant plans slightly modify your strategy with Apple in mindworrying less about already well-established Galaxy S and Galaxy A families and taking more resources to evolve to the folding Galaxy Za market niche where Samsung is a pioneer and absolute leader.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Commercial image of Samsung in Times Square, in New York.

Analysts say that Samsung’s idea is that its Galaxy ZFold4 Y Galaxy ZFlip4 be enough attractive not only in wow effect but also in performance and pricesespecially for divert attention from the next iPhone that will also arrive after the summer.

If Apple has an advantage over Samsung, it is precisely when it comes to convincing users who buy ‘premium’ mobiles, so the plan of the South Koreans is to maximize the folding Galaxy Z, where Apple does not even compete for now, to differentiate itself more and grow in the noble range.

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It looks like, Samsung’s expectations with the Galaxy S family have been exceeded in its first months, while the Galaxy A are maintaining their quotas, so Samsung would focus on the remainder of the year on promote to the maximum its most cutting folding phones premiumwhich in the end have also been the great protagonists of the South Korean ‘Galaxy’ in 2021.

The move also makes a lot of sense, since competing with Apple’s iPhones requires very different devices, while the global inflation problems affect cheap and affordable smartphones the most, which leaves room for Samsung to try to close that gap it has with Apple among the most performant mobiles.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip3

The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3, already waiting for their generational change.

And indeed, where Apple has a big advantage over Suwon it is precisely between the mobiles premiumwhich is where iPhones compete almost exclusively and where users often choose Cupertino instead of a Galaxy premium.

Expectations are very high, now even more so apparently Samsung would return to the face-to-face Unpacked with a global event in New Yorkso we will have to wait a little over a month to meet the promising fourth generation of the Galaxy Zwhich have improved every year and which we hope will finally justify their presence with differential functionalities for their design.

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