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Samsung’s most spectacular TV has a 3,000 euro discount: QLED, 4K and 75 inches

Your living room will be very different from today. This Samsung QLED Smart TV with 4K resolution and 75 inches has a discount of 3,000 euros.

Samsung's most spectacular TV has a 3,000 euro discount: QLED, 4K and 75 inches

If you are looking for a new smart tv for home, nothing better than betting on one of the most spectacular Samsung Smart TVs. We refer to the Samsung Q95TD 75-inch TVwhich is currently collapsing to the €1,579 on the official store of Samsung. It’s an awesome buy for your living room, which will become a cinema with the best image and sound quality.

The recommended retail price of this television is 4,499 euros, so you can see that the discount is almost 3,000 euros, a spectacular figure. In addition, it is only for sale in the Samsung store, which now offers us one of the lowest prices in its history.

This is how you will get a Smart TV for many years to come and one that has the best features on the market: QLED technology, 4K resolution and Tizen operating system for you to install your favorite apps, such as Netflix or YouTube. Let’s see what this 75-inch Samsung Q95TD TV offers us in each of its sections.

Samsung Q95TD 75″ TV

Buy the 75″ Samsung Q95TD TV with a 3,000-euro discount

Samsung QLED Q95TD

3,000 euros discount for this spectacular Samsung QLED Q95TD.

The Samsung Q95TD Smart TV on sale is a television that will impress you at first sight, both for its modern design as for its 75-inch size. Its large dimensions will make you believe that you are in the cinema, but you must also bear in mind that you need a large free space to place it in the room you choose. Specifically, it has dimensions of 1670.6 x 1048.7 x 317.9 millimeters, with the possibility of hanging it on the wall.

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In this smart TV, not only its size matters, but also the incredible image and sound technologies that it equips. Have 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), QLED technology and Artificial Intelligence to deliver sharp pictures, with brightness and sound that automatically adjust to the environment in which the TV is placed. In addition, the device has excellent viewing anglesso you can see the image well from any point.

To its list of specifications we must add HDR 2000 technology, which allows it to improve the intensity of the colors and also the sharpness. In all, the Samsung Q95TD Smart TV can display over a billion colorsyou will enjoy the images as if you were directly in them.

Bring the cinema to your home with this spectacular Smart TV with savings of 3,000 euros.

As for sound, this Smart TV mounts two powerful speakers who are in charge of offering high sound quality. Thus, if we combine the spectacular images with good sound, we find an ideal television to enjoy your favorite series and movies. Eye, Tizen OS is your operating systemwhich means that you will be able to see the content of apps like Netflix, YouTube or Twitch, always in a big way.

There are many more interesting functions that this TV offers you, such as the multiscreen, to broadcast the image of your mobile while you watch a television channel. It also has Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby, you can choose one of these assistants to control the operation of the Smart TV by voice. In terms of connectivity, we highlight its 4 HDMI ports, its 2 USB ports, WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2.

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Samsung Q95TD 75″ TV

If this 75-inch TV is too big for you, you can opt for the 65-inch model. Currently not available at the official Samsung store, but it could be in the next few days, also with a discount of thousands of euros. If you prefer the 75-inch one, remember that you will be buying a high-quality Smart TV for many years. It cost 4,499 euros, but now you can be yours for only 1,579 euros.

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