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Samsung launches collaboration with Starbucks: it’s the most WTF we’ve seen but we want it now


We won’t be able to have it, unfortunately, but recognize that you all want that protective coffee cup for the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Samsung remains committed to squeeze extreme mobile customization as if the goose that lays the golden eggs of the industryand although the Bespoke Edition and its exclusive colors they will continue to be protagonists it seems that the South Korean giant wants also exploit the successful collaborations with groups like BTSimportant brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Mark-Lona, movie sagas like Star Wars or even video games like Diablo Immortal.

You have already seen it because of the number of links that actually this collaboration with Starbucks is nothing new for Samsungbut certainly as the companions of The Verge yes it is interesting because here we will not look for personalized or exclusive smartphones, but rather an attractive collection of accessories and merchandise which unfortunately will be exclusive to South Korea.

Samsung x Starbucks

Products from the ‘Samsung + Starbucks’ collection, only available in South Korea.

And we say unfortunately because there are some very interesting products for Samsung fans, regulars of the Starbucks chain or even for simple geeks and collectors, who will be able to increase the collection of curious cases for the Galaxy Buds Samsung after the Pok├ęball that we saw appear only a couple of months ago also exclusively in South Korea.

Here we leave you the press release published by Starbucks to announce this collaboration with Samsung:

Fan of Devil Immortal? You will want to have the new special edition of the Samsung Galaxy S22

It’s not very useful, too big and not practical, but I want my coffee cup for Galaxy Buds

As you will see in the photos, Among the protective cases there are several for the Galaxy S22including some with a strap in the form of a ticket or with typical Starbucks motifs and colors, although in reality not that they are funny at all nor noteworthy beyond delighting Starbucks fans.

The green casing with the logo of the popular coffee shop chain for the Galaxy Buds is also not very interesting, although it is these devices that hide the greatest attraction of this collection, which is none other than the casing in the shape of a white coffee cupwhich even shows his latte art perfectly fake on top for actually hide the headphones true wireless of the South Korean giant.

Samsung x Starbucks

Yes, you want this protective coffee mug too… But we can’t have it!

The most versatile and practical case for the Galaxy Buds is not certain, since it should be noted that the cargo box fits completely inside this protective suit giving good faith of its not friendly size, but it is that its design is so adorable wherever we look at it that we really want to have it… Even if we can’t buy it!

For now it is not clear how much it will cost adorn our devices and our desks with this collection of protective covers ‘Samsung + Starbucks’though go on sale this week in South Koreafrom where they will not come out unless we find them on eBay or somewhere retailer importer.

Samsung x Starbucks

Some of the ‘Samsung + Starbucks’ cases for the Galaxy S22.

We will have to set alarms on eBay or plan a vacation in Samsung’s home country, at least if we want to adopt any of these special editions that yes, that they appear and seem cool to us, but that rarely sold in Europe and Latin America.

And you? Don’t tell me you don’t like that coffee cup with the mermaid logo, its ‘latte art’, its handle and everything… I’m sure it would be perfect in your setups!

These are the most limited editions of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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