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Samsung announces a curious "repair mode": Is that how it works

The new mode of Samsung mobiles is intended to be activated before sending your device for repair

Samsung announces a curious "repair mode": Is that how it works

If you have ever had to send your mobile to repairyou will know that one of the most tedious processes that you have to face is having to format the mobile to prevent the repair company from accessing your private data.

But Samsung seems to have a plan to end that problem. As announced by the company in its korean news bloghereinafter Samsung mobiles will include a “repair mode”which will keep sensitive data safe while the device is in the process of being repaired.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen

Samsung has included a new “repair mode” in its phones, which saves your data when you need to send your phone for repair / Image: Christian Collado

User data will remain safe while the mobile is being repaired

The new mode can be Activate from the “Device Battery and Health” section, within the system settings. Once there, it will be possible to establish a protection method, either pattern or fingerprint, which will keep your data protected while the device is in the repair company.

Samsung gives the user the possibility of manually select the data you want to protect, whether they are photos, videos, messages, accounts or other types of documents. Once the protection method is set, the information will remain protected and no one except the user of the device will have access to it.

The function will be available, first, in the models of the series Galaxy S21and later it will be expanded among the rest of the Samsung mobile catalog. Initially, it will be available in South Korea, and it has not been confirmed if it will arrive in the rest of the world regions soon.

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