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Personalize and design everything you can imagine with this offer laser engraver: discounts, prizes and more


Ortur Laser Master 3, one of the brand’s most powerful and precise laser engraving machines, has 3 unbeatable launch offers.

If you are passionate about design, crafts or have a fondness for 3d printerstoday may be your lucky day and you will take home a laser engraver for just over 600 euros. Professionally, this product has endless applications and impressive design qualitybut for personal use it is also an infallible tool to let your imagination fly.

It is the new Ortur Laser Master 3one of the laser engraving machines most powerful and precise of the brand, and others is his most recent release. Because of this, you will be able to buy it for a limited time and until July 11 at an irresistible price with these three excellent offers:

  • Offer 1. You just have to use the launch code OLM3PRESALE to take home this fabulous laser engraving machine with a 100 euro discount and for only 614.99 euros. In addition, you get as a gift electronic products worth 30 euros or a UGREEN hand kit.
Ortur Laser Master 3

The new laser engraving machine Ortur Laser Master 3 has 3 excellent introductory offers.

  • Offer 2. In this offer, in addition to obtaining a discount of 100 euros with the code LM3ZB100you may win up to $10,000 in prizes, including electronic products, tools, access to sweepstakes and much more. For more information, consult the Ortur Laser Master 3 launch page.
  • Offer 3. Last but not least, this offer offers us again 100 euros discount with the code NEW. The best thing is that with your purchase you get a consumable package worth 100 euros and you access the draw to win a free order, an engraving platform, or assistance for your new engraving machine totally free.

This is the new laser engraver Ortur Laser Master 3

This laser engraver is not only very attractively priced, it has amazing features, is capable of engraving any type of designcan be used on endless surfaces and will not put any limits on your imagination.

Is about the first intelligent laser engraving machine that allows you to operate more easily and without complications, also, you will be able to work at full speed and at the same time with maximum safety, thanks to the 7 protection mechanisms what includes:

  • Safety lock
  • Active position protection
  • Tilt position protection
  • Detection and limitation of exposure duration
  • Voltage and current security control system
  • Host Computer Watchdog
  • emergency stop switch

In addition, it is one of the first laser engravers to incorporate a system that allows you to work by connecting to your mobile to record what you want in real time, you can even take a picture at some special moment and record it directly from your mobile at the moment. It is very fast and has a speed of 20,000 mm/minute, for perfect jobs in less time.

Also, it has a ultra-fine precision of 0.01 millimeters, 8mm depth of field and 30mm crop support. The new laser engraving machine Ortur Laser Master 3 is a unique opportunity: intelligence, speed, precision, security and an irresistible introductory price. Not to be missed!

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