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PcComponentes PcDays: historical collapse of 60% for these TWS headphones


Get some wireless headphones at a minimum price at PcComponentes.

only until next time day 10 PcComponentes is celebrating the PCDayssome special days full of top tier deals in a lot of categories, this being the perfect occasion to renew our equipment or to treat ourselves to the occasional little whim.

In this sense, we have selected an offer particularly strikingwhich is perfect for those who are on the hunt for some wireless headphones good, nice and cheap. It is one of the best-selling models of the Californian Belkin: the SoundForm Freedom. These TWS earphones have a massive 60% discountgoing from a PVP of 99.99 euros to only €39.98a very good price for headphones with these characteristics.

Remember also that for all purchases of PcComponentes include fast shipping from Spain, 30 days free returns and the special guarantee of PcComponentes, which undertakes to replace a defective product in only 24 hours until 3 years after your purchase. Our advice is that you go through the special offers of the e-commerce and take the opportunity to add something else to your cart apart from the Belkin headphones, this way you will also get free shipping on all your purchase.

Buy the Belkin SoundForm Freedom for 39.98 euros

Belkin Headphones

Quality sound and wireless charging, the two strengths of the Belkin SoundForm Freedom

We have already seen that at the price level and at the purchase guarantee level, these Belkin SoundForm Freedom are quite a “candy”, but…why it is worth betting on them? Below we detail all its characteristics so that you can check for yourself whether or not it fits what you are looking for (although we already anticipate that for 39 euros it will be difficult for you to find something better).

To start, you have to know that the Belkin SoundForm Freedom have one of the largest autonomies of its segment, reaching the 8 hours of playback with a single charge from the case, which also offers other 28 hours of operation, being able to fully recharge the headphones more than three times. As if that were not enough, they offer fast charge (15 minutes equals 2 hours of playback) and are Qi wireless charging compatibleso you can charge them with the same base or mat that you use with your mobile.

Apart from the charging system and autonomy, the other great strong point of these Belkin headphones is none other than sound quality what are you offering. You’ll enjoy vibrant, nuanced audio with powerful bass… all fine-tuned and guaranteed by a giant in the consumer electronics industry (let’s not forget, Belkin has been around since 1983). Furthermore, the Belkin SoundForm Freedom includes a special system of ambient noise cancellation designed so that when you make phone calls you are heard always clearlypreventing background noise from creeping through your microphones.

It should also be noted that we will have Total resistance to sweat or splashes since the headphones have IPX5 certification. If we add to this his gorgeous fit We will have a perfect companion to go out and play sports. Finally, in case you use apple devicesyou will be pleased to know that they are one of the few “non-Apple” accessories compatible with the Find application of the brand, so you can locate them with your device at any time and place: No more losing your headphones!

All in all, a purchase. highly recommended for those who need TWS headphones quality designed for day to day: you will have battery for the whole week and a sound of ten, all with all the facilities of buying in PcComponentes.

Remember that in the PcDays of PcComponentes you have many more offers, as good (or better) as the one we just saw. If you are curious, we recommend that you go through their website, since in addition to the Belkin SoundForm Freedom there are bargains like this ASUS Chromebook at half price either Xiaomi’s 50-inch TV for less than 300 euros.

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