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Only Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple Watch

The Galaxy Watch have risen to a higher level and Samsung is already number 2 in the smart watch market, although in Cupertino they continue to lead the sector thanks to their successful Apple Watch.

Only Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple Watch

Once again, they have been the experts of CounterpointResearch those who have wanted paint the mobile device market in this past Q2 of 2022 that we finished a few weeks ago, and they do so by stopping now at a sector such as smartwatches where Apple has an advantage and Samsung gains more ground as its Galaxy Watch matures already with Google’s Wear OS operating system at its core.

In fact, we already have a curious and interesting detail to begin with, and that is that in a global scenario of generalized falls, it seems that smart watches withstand the pull growing 13% year-on-year in this second quarter of 2022, again with India as the great engine of growth.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with different straps

Although the options in Wear OS are multiple and of high quality, the Apple Watch rules in the ‘smartwatch industry’.

This fact is not only curious for us, because Counterpoint’s own consultants were quite surprised in the published note, after all indicators anticipate downward trends due to the inflation crisis, geopolitical conflicts and the endless waves of the coronavirus.

In any case, it seems that In India people are massively adopting this kind of wearables with a growth of 347%, which has raised its market to second place in the world after North America and surpassing China. Of course, the smartwatches sold in India do not exceed 50 dollars average price with the main local brands as great protagonists.

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Let’s see and analyze all this data a little more… Will you join us?

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Figures and keys of the smart watch market in 2022

Only Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple WatchOnly Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple Watch
Only Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple WatchOnly Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple Watch

By regions, the North American market continues in first position with Apple as a great incentiveand it is that those from Cupertino have managed to increase the sales quotas of their Apple Watch by 8% year-on-year.

Samsung has managed to rise to the second drawer of the podium with a notable growth of 40% year-on-year, which is explained in the great platform change of your Galaxy Watch4 in 2021, re-adopting Google’s Wear OS to the detriment of Tizen for wearables.

Huawei is the leader of the smartwatch sector in China, but its home market is down 10% year-on-year due to a fairly sharp contraction in demand, which has led those in Shenzhen to lose second place globally with no hope of regaining it due to commercial blockades. Amazfit also falls 11% year-on-year dragged down by low sales in China.

Xiaomi It is also a major player in this market niche, in which has grown 13% with its watches without getting much presence in an Indian market which is key to growth, and where local manufacturers like Fire-Boltt rose strongly.

For its part, Garmin falls to seventh place with its sports-specific smartwatches, although its margins are higher and experts tell us that In terms of benefits, the Kansas brand is third global after Samsung and Apple.

So, and now to summarize the photo of the smartwatch market, It is in North America where smart watches are most successfulso since Apple is the owner of the sector there, it is not surprising that those from Cupertino command this market with an iron fist. Samsung also grows now sheltered from Googlewhile China and Europe fall ostensibly and in India the ultra-cheap watches of its local firms triumph.

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So we could summarize such a large amount of data!

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