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One plug to rule them all – this gadget will bring your old appliances to life


Any of your outdated gadgets will become a smart device. There are so many possibilities.

Thanks to this Amazon offer you can take a very special device for very little. The TAPO smart plugs they fall in price, they are within your reach for only €10.99. If you prefer you can also get the pack of 4 units, in this case it will come to only 9.50 euros each.

But what do these plugs do? We are talking about a small device that can give life to any device you connect. Your outdated appliances will become smart devices, responding to commands from assistants like Alexa.

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These plugs are quite a bargain

TAPO plug

Any device becomes smart.

Everything works very simply. All you have to do is connect the TAPO plug to the mains and download their app on your smartphone. Add the specific model in the appgrant him access to your Wi-Fi network and let the party begin.

A lamp, a coffee maker, the water heater…. Thanks to this small socket you can turn all your devices on and off with your voice. All you have to do is pair it with a smart speaker controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant.

But there is still more, if you do not have a smart speaker you do not have to worry. TAPO plugs can be configured to turn devices on and off autonomously at the time you set. Make the lamp in the living room turn on every night at 9 and turn off every morning, you will have the possibility to set your own rules.

You have the opportunity to start creating your smart home for less than you expect. TAPO plugs will allow you to take control of a wide variety of devices, opening up a whole world of possibilities. But be careful, the offer will not be available forever.

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