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One of the craziest games of recent years will land on Android soon

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is presented on mobile with the same appearance as on PC and consoles, although its battles with rag soldiers will have to wait a while.

One of the craziest games of recent years will land on Android soon

Attention all fans of the mobile game, and it is that Android is about to receive one of the most important titles that we will see arrive in this year 2022, with the chaotic rag doll battles as protagonists and an army of PC and console players eagerly awaiting its opening to mobile platforms.

We talk how not of Totally Accurate Battle Simulatora battle simulator released in April 2021 for Windows computers and which has garnered enormously favorable reviews thanks to its massive playing fields, hilarious physics systems, and diverse combat unitseach stranger and funnier.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

The chaotic Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, another great game about to land on Android.

Furthermore, to the delight of many, it seems that the gameplay of this title will be identical on mobile phones to what we already enjoy on PC and consolesor at least that’s what our classmates told us AndroidPolice in a brief review in which they echoed the next release.

The hilarious battles of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will arrive very soon on iOS and Android with its rag soldiers, hilarious physics and optimization that will make us enjoy it as on PC and consoles.

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In case you don’t know very well what Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is all about, you should know that in the game you can command your army of soldiers to victorysomewhat inconspicuous on the other hand, although in this case we will have a really differential physics engine, attractive and very very funwhich will surely adapt wonderfully to mobile platforms.

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The only worrying thing is the performance of the smartphones on which the game will run, and that is the battles in this title are raised massivelyon a huge battlefield and tons of units hitting each other simultaneously, which can be really tricky for hardware of the least performing phones.

At least we know that Landfall Games Y XDGames are aware, because from the developer house They already inform us of their intense optimization work with a message of hope: “works better than expected on mobile devices”.

As for the title, they have also confirmed that “it will be more or less the same as what gamers already know from PC and console”with unique maps and the already classic rag soldiers with flexible limbs between which you will find from musketeers to Zeus himself.

In the video they have published anticipating the launch smooth performance and no noticeable issues can be noted, with controls adapted to touch screens and settings for mobile phones in interface and layout.

The worst part is that cross-play between mobile devices and PC/consoles will not be supported, something that would influence the battles too much, but iOS and Android users will be able to play together and fight each other. As for the price it will be a title premium so don’t expect it cheap at least in terms of integrated purchases, although it is not known if it will be launched in modality freemium or on what specific dates.

We will have to keep track of it, to let you know when it finally comes out and play it like crazy…

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