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One of the best-selling iPhones collapses: it is my personal recommendation

The Apple mobile is complete and very powerful, it offers one of the best experiences on the market.

One of the best-selling iPhones collapses: it is my personal recommendation

One of the most balanced iPhones in recent years collapses on Amazon. The iPhone 12 have 100 euro discount in its version with 128 GB of storage, one of the most complete. It’s not the latest model, but it’s a very smart buy.

Apple’s smartphone still has a lot to say in the middle of 2022, It is a mobile that wastes power and that will accompany you for years offering a great experience. You can’t understand it until you try it, believe me. I tell you everything you need to know about this iPhone 12.

iPhone 12

A purchase you can’t go wrong with

iPhone 12 mini blue

The iPhone 12 in blue.

The iPhone 12 screen is top notch, you’ll get the most out of gaming, Netflix, or whatever comes to mind. It is not too big, so we are facing a comfortable device, something that I personally miss in a world full of huge screens.

You will not lack any power, the A14 Bionic processor manufactured by Apple is a beast capable of moving everything. Also, as we have pointed out, you get the version with 128 GB of storage, you will have enough space to store all your photos, documents and applications.

  • Apple A14 Bionic
  • 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory
  • 6.1″ QHD OLED display
  • 2 rear cameras
  • 2,815mAh battery
  • NFC

We met with two 12 megapixel cameras in the rear of our protagonist. On the other hand, in the notch on the front of it, a sensor that repeats with 12 megapixels. It is not the configuration with multiple cameras that some Android phones incorporate, but this iPhone does not need them to take high-level photos. Shoot without fear the processing by Apple software will ensure that the photograph is outstanding.

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The battery of this iPhone 12 reaches 2,815mAh and it also does a good job. Another of his benefits is the wireless charging, you can forget about cables and let it recover energy on a base. It’s very comfortable, when you get used to it it’s hard to go back, its many advantages they will trap you.

iPhone 12

You have the opportunity to get a whole high-end, a tremendously complete smartphone that gets a good grade in all its sections. The iPhone 12 offers a great experience and will allow you to do any task that comes to mind. You can take it for 100 euros less, what more are you going to ask for? You will have a smartphone for many years.

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