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Neither Xiaomi nor Samsung, this smart watch is the most complete and cheapest you will see


The HUAWEI Band 7 is the new version of this device that swept sales.

With the good weather we want to do a little more exercise, go outside, take a walk in the mountainsby the seashore… If we want to keep track of our activities there is no better and cheaper way (59 €49.90) that with this HUAWEI Band 7. forget about the Xiaomi Mi Bandthis HUAWEI smart bracelet easily sweeps it away.

We are talking about a large device, which is between a smartband and a Smart watchwith a generous screen and exceptional battery. If it was all a success the 6th version, now with this model they have embroidered it with some details. You have the best price in the black, green and pink models. The red one is very attractive, but it has not dropped in price.

Buy the HUAWEI Band 7 for 49 euros


This smart bracelet / watch will be one of the best sellers of the year, without a doubt

Its design has hardly changed compared to the HUAWEI Band 6, and it is admirable, since almost all manufacturers opt to radically change their design before other aspects that the user demands. This 7th version improvement in thinness of the body leaving it alone 9.99mm and getting your weight down to 16 grams (without strap). It feels great in your hand, you won’t notice you’re wearing it despite having a larger screen than any smartband on the market. It is waterproofwith dives of up to 50 meters.

Speaking of screen, this HUAWEI Band 7 mounts a 1.47 inch AMOLED touch panel, with a resolution of 194 x 368 px. It is a screen that you see very good in daylight and that you can customize as you please whenever you want thanks to the available spheres. Nothing more and nothing less than more than 4,000 spheres They await you at the HUAWEI store, you will have for each day of the year, several years in a row. Furthermore, with the technology always on display we have other spheres (ODA) specially designed to be displayed 24 hours a day. By the way, you can also put your favorite photo as a background on the clock.

Xiaomi’s reign in this field is coming to an end.

The battery of this HUAWEI Band 7 reaches 2 weeks of use in typical situations, and 10 days with some heavy use. We have fast charging through HUAWEI’s own port, in just 5 minutes of charging we can use the bracelet 2 more days. A very reasonable autonomy and on par with the rest of the smartbands on the market.

At the level of sensors, we have heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep monitoring, pedometeraccelerometer, and system HUAWEI TruSportâ„¢ that monitors all data and brings them together in one place giving you a general assessment of each day. We will have a ring system, similar to that of the Apple Watch that we must complete. are the calls tri-ring tasks from HUAWEI.

Up to 96 sports modes They await us in this HUAWEI Band 7 to enjoy training how, when and where we want. We have a remote Switch, to use the watch as a camera button on our mobile (only works with HUAWEI mobiles). Such a complete bracelet for less than 50 euros is a great opportunity. I gave my mother, father-in-law and uncle a HUAWEI Band 6 last Christmas and they are delighted. This 7th model is the best and follows in the footsteps of great job well done.

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