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Most common SIM card problems and errors: no network, not detected…


As the adoption of the eSIM cards or a new technology emerges that definitively replaces SIM cards, we will continue to see many users looking for information to solve some of the problems that arise with SIMs.

For this reason, we bring you this little guide to give you solution to the most frequent problems and errors that SIM cards have of our mobiles.

No SIM card or no service

Depending on the problem with the SIM card, you can perform different validations to identify the problem and thus know how you can solve it.

Physical SIM cards

SIM cards in their standard format.

One of the most common errors that occur is that your mobile, for some reason, does not detect or recognize that it has a SIM card. This problem can be due to many factors, the SIM card is damaged, your Internet provider blocked it, the SIM card is incorrectly inserted, your mobile only accepts cards from one operator, a bug in the operating system, among others.

Regardless of what is causing the problem, we are going to see some checks that you can do to find the solution.

restart your mobile

The first thing you should do is restart your mobile, many times it is what is needed, and besides, it is better to discard this option first before going into other more complex checks. Although if it happens to you often, you should look for the root problem, since it is not right that your mobile requires a reboot to work.

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Try your SIM card in another mobile

SIM card and mobile tray

Place the SIM in another mobile to rule out any errors

If the restart of the mobile does not work for you, try now rule out that the SIM card is bad. Use it in another mobile and if it works, the problem could be in the tray of your mobile where you put the SIM or maybe it was wrongly placed, try to place it again to see if it now recognizes it. Check that it is not damaged or dirtysince the chip may be scratched by misuse of it.

You can too try another SIM in your mobile, it may be a friend’s, it’s an easy way to check where exactly the problem is. If your friend’s SIM card works, it is probably the SIM card that is damaged or blocked, in any case it is best to replace it with a new one.

Verify that the mobile is free to use in any operator

website to validate imei

Website that allows you to see the information of your mobile with the IMEI

Although today it is rare, your mobile may only work with the SIM card of a certain operatorto find this out, you just have to know the IMEI of your mobile and check it on the website IMEI.infoif in the section CarrierOpen appears, so if you can use it with any operator, otherwise you will see the name of the operator to which the mobile belongs.

Check network settings

The network configuration could play a trick on youso it is better to check that everything is ok, before going to buy a new SIM card.

Check airplane mode status

How to check the status of airplane mode

First, make sure airplane mode is not on. You may have activated it without realizing it, so go to the quick settings panel and if it is activated, proceed to turn it off. You can also go to Settings > Wi-Fi & network and disable Airplane mode. If you want to know about the advantages offered by the Airplane mode, enter here.

Check the type of data network

Check the type of data network your mobile has

Another review you can do is to validate the type of data network you are using, it is best to set it to automatic, so that it always connects to the best available option, but if you force it to connect to 4G, for example, and in the place where you are this type of network is not available, you will not have service. To do this check, go to Settings > Wi-Fi & network > SIM & network > Preferred network type and select automatic.

Validate configured APN

Validate the APN configured on your mobile

To finish the network configuration, another error that could occur is with the APN configuration of your data network. Previously, this was a very common problem, however, if you are trying to activate that old phone you have in your drawer, you may have to do this setting manually. Follow this guide to configure your APN easily.

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Update your mobile

Check system update

Valid if there is an update to install

If you have any system updates that you haven’t applied, it may be what you need to correct this annoying problem, so it’s best to install it right away. Go to Settings > System > System Update and download and install any available updates.

Factory reset mobile

This should be your last optionbut if none of the above has worked for you, execute a backup of your information and proceed to factory reset your phone. In this way you would be deleting all the settings that your mobile has and that could be affecting the correct functioning of your SIM card.

If you’ve done all the checks listed here and it still can’t fix your problem, It is best to contact a qualified technician. that can check your mobile and give you a more accurate diagnosis of what may be happening.

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